The water company is digging up my yard!?

over a month ago the water company came to our house and started nosing around, nobody knocked at my door, nothing. Now they have been in my yard all day and have a huge hole dug with a backhoe. Once again no knock at the door. they have even gone under my house and have tire tracks all through my yard (the could of parked in the drive and walked 15 ft). I have had numerous problems with this water company. They said my bill was $300 with no water leak, I call and complained and the head guy said if I didnt pay it he would pull my meter and let sewage back up in my house, then he thraetened to arrest my husband! I called the commissioner of our county she said she knows them and they wouldnt threaten us, she would take care of it and call me back. well she didnt, she sent me a letter saying to pay the bill and I found out she was on the board of the water company. Anyways I sure the have some kind of rights to work on water lines, but they have torn my yard up, I also have a big ...


tree not 5 ft from this huge deep hole they have dug. Wouldnt it kill the roots and therefore kill my tree. My understanding is that if there is an easement in place to work on anothers property that they have to restore it to the condition it was prior to the work. Is that true with them, what do i do concidering the other problems Ive had with them

Update 2:

Barry, I did last time. I even showed them a survey of my property last time. The imaginary water leak happened a couple months back(resulting in the high bill) I actually had a water leak last month due to freezing pipes, it was fixed right away and the bill was 30 something dollars. When I had to go outside last time and ask what the problem was they said it was a SEWAGE leak on another property. Well they havent been to that property! They are on mine and another neighbors property behind us.

Update 3:

another thing... these guys dont seem to care about the questions I have asked. Im really thinking its because Im a woman. It realling ticks me off because now they are apparently teaching the young guy how to operate equipment using my property as his project. D*** I have survey papers of my land why dont they!

Update 4:

Dumba*** Its amazing how some people can get best answers...amazing

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    I would contact your state's public service commission or equivolent office since they govern public utility companies. If that doesn't work contact an attorney. I'm sure the company has an easement for the waterline, but they must be responsible to fix any damage that they caused.

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  • 1 decade ago

    So you complained about a possible leak resulting in a high bill at your house, and now they are looking for the leak, and you are complaining?

    Have you tried actually asking the guy who seems to be in charge of the project what is going on? You could shout form the door, or you walk the 15 feet :)


    OK, no you are making even less sense. Let the anger go and think this through - what do you want out fof all of this?

    - Your yard repaired

    - You leak repaired

    - Your neighbor's sewage not leaking in YOUR yard

    Focus on all that, stop being a raging victim "It is because I am a woman" - no it is because if you express yourself the way you express yourself here, it is because you are not clear on what you want, why you want it, or how it is going to be provided. Get clear on all that and things will be a lot easier.

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    Call your local television stations - they usually have a reporter or two specifically assigned to "human interest" stories where people are getting shafted.

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