what does song ach gott, wie manches herzeleid mean in english?

Can i find the lyrics to this song in english anywhere online? It was written by J.S. Bach.

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    1. Chorus [Verse 1] (S, A, T, B)

    Ah God, how oft a heartfelt grief

    Confronteth me within these days!

    The narrow path is sorrow-filled

    Which I to heaven travel must.

    2. Chorale [Verse 2] (S, A, T, B) and Recit. (T, A, S, B)

    (S, A, T, B)

    How hard it is for flesh and blood


    It but for earthly goods and vain things striveth

    And neither God nor heaven heedeth,

    To be forced to eternal good!(1)


    Since thou, O Jesus, now art all to me,

    And yet my flesh so stubbornly resists.

    Where shall I then my refuge take?


    The flesh is weak, the spirit strong;

    So help thou me, thou who my heart dost know.

    To thee, O Jesus, I incline.


    Who in thy help and in thy counsel trusts

    Indeed hath ne'er on false foundation built;

    Since thou to all the world art come to help us

    And hast our flesh upon thee taken,

    Thy dying shall redeem us

    From everlasting ruin.

    So savor now a spirit ever faithful

    The Savior's graciousness and favor.

    3. Aria (B)

    Though I feel fear of hell and pain,

    Yet must steadfast within my bosom

    A truly joyful heaven be.

    I need but Jesus' name once utter,

    Who can dispel unmeasured sorrows

    As though a gentle mist dividing.

    4. Recit. (T)

    Though both my flesh and soul may languish,

    If thou art, Jesus, mine

    And I am thine,

    I will not heed it.

    Thy truthful mouth

    And all thy boundless loving,

    Which never changed abides forever,

    Preserve for me that ancient bond,

    Which now my breast with exultation filleth

    And even fear of death, the grave's own terror, stilleth.

    Though dearth and famine soon from ev'ry side oppress,

    My Jesus will my wealth and treasure be.

    5. Aria (S, A)

    When sorrow round me presses,

    I will with joyfulness

    My song lift unto Jesus.

    My cross doth Jesus carry,

    So I'll devoutly say now:

    It serves me best in ev'ry hour.(2)

    6. Chorale [Verse 18] (S, A, T, B)

    If thou my heart in faith keep pure,

    I'll live and die in thee alone.

    Jesu, my strength, hear my desire,

    O Savior mine, I'd be with thee.

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    The title means roughly "O God, Why So Much Heartache / Suffering?"

    There is a full line-by-line English translation here:


    More about it here:


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