so what do you think of citizenship? or dose it mean to you anything in the first place? lol iam just curious! and can you find like words that can describe it??? tell me your opinion

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Citizenship is a term meaning that an individual may participate in government and the decision making of a country (as opposed to residency which allows a person to work and live in a country but not participate in government).

    Terms for citizenship have changed through the centuries. There was a time that a person had to male and own land in order to be a citizen (ie Rome, Greece).

    In the United States, all persons born on US soil are citizens (regardless of gender, religion or heritage). Also, persons can apply for US citizenship and immigrate to the US. A person can also reneg on their citizenship and request their citizen status be removed (in which case they would become a resident or would need to move to a different country).

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