I have HSV-1 (common cold sores). Will I test positive on an HIV test for antibodies?

I have to undergo a test for HIV antibodies (possibly ELISA or western blot).

I have HSV-1. Will that affect the test results. How are the two diseases related?

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    they are 2 very different viruses and the tests for either are specific enough that you won't have a false positive for HIV from HSV. the only relation between the 2 is that treatment of HSV for those people with HIV must be watched more carefully since they have a suppressed immune system

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    If you have tested positive for Herpes, you may never have an outbreak. This is how the stupid STD is transmitted! Most people dont even know they have it. You may never have an outbreak either. And mostly, HSV 1 is oral and HSV 2 is genital. You can still pass HSV 1 on to someone else if you give them oral, which in return will give them HSV 2. You just really need to be careful and understand the symptoms. A friend of mine has HSV 1 and tells me she gets a tingling feeling on her lip when she is about to get one. Also, try to remember to wear sunblock if you are in the sun. Good luck!

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    Cold sores are a form of Herpes, not HIV. One is unrelated to the other.

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