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Based on your musical preferences...?

What is something most people are surprised to learn about you?

I listen to music with lots of screaming, and most people are surprised to learn that I am a very quiet person and very artsy. I've even had someone tell me that based on my personality, he thought I would listen to something like John Mayer...

Anyway, since this is the music section, shock and awe the rest of R&P by proving that there is more behind the music.


Rckets- NO WAY!!! I always pictured you having some kind of supercool job like a monster truck driver or something, haha

Update 2:

Cinnamon- you certainly shocked me! I had no idea you liked cheesy musicals!

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    I am that little nerdy girl at school who doesn't talk at all. I do talk but not in classes. People probably think that I do not listen to music at all and that I just go home and read books and do homework or something.

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    I'm pretty quiet and shy also. So most people are surprised that I even listen to TDWP and other screamo/hardcore stuff.

    But then again, that kind of changed this summer when I dyed my hair pink, but that's okay.

    Most people are actually surprised to know that I actually like musicals and some.. SOME classical music, like stuff from movies. And that I play the piano, with formal classical training. 0.o

    I don't know if that's shocking enough or surprising enough, but that's okay =]

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    Some people are a little shocked that I am 19 years old and hate most new music and prefer older films also. I am into all kinds of music ranging from AC/DC to Hank Williams Jr to The Beatles to Pink Floyd to The Eagles and many more old school stuff.

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    Same here...I listen to some screamo well as indie and alternative rock...and I'm shy...and creative...creepy huh?

    People I know in person (teachers, family members, etc.) are often very shocked to learn that I like rock music, cos I'm so quiet, smart and tend to follow rules. They probably think I don't like music, or that I listen to classical piano pieces and boring pop ballads lol...

    People on the internet might be surprised to learn I'm shy and I'm interested in helping the environment and love Greek mythology. Oh and I'm a Sudoku addict!!

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    Based on my music preferences the most surprising thing to learn is why I married someone that has the complete opposite taste in music than me. We've never been to a concert together and constantly argue over music when driving somewhere together..

    I guess opposites DO attract!

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    Some of my favorite bands:

    Iron Maiden, Gunz N' Roses, Metallica, Cannibal Corpse, Lamb of God, Lacuna Coil, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Devildriver, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Presely, Meyhem, Behehmoth, Dying Fetus, Arch Enemy, Slayer, KoRn, Dream Theatre, Megadeth, and other things like that.

    Would you take me as someone who hangs out with people who only listen to rap? Only one person I know that listens to the same basic music as I do. And I never talk to him so yeah...

    Would you take me as someone who (can't help it) likes High School Musical?

    Hah, I'm also a straight A student...

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    Most people are just surprised at the variety I listen to. It all revolves around rock, but I listen to Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative, and classic stuff like Queen. I also like some female singers, like Kelly Clarkson and Avril. (well, only a couple of her songs). Basically, I just listen to what I like, and don't limit myself to a certain style or artist. Although I hate all rap and hip hop (there are a few exceptions to those, but only a handful of songs.)

    I am an outgoing person, once you get to know me. But it is hard for me to just be myself around people I barely know.

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    Most people who don't know me well are usually shocked to find out I like bands like Nine Inch Nails, Testament, Megadeth, King Diamond, W.A.S.P.. I always get told I don't "look the type" and of course I always ask them what their perception of "the type" is. Funnily enough, many times they don't really have an answer for that question.

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    Despite my love for rock and roll and my birth in the LA suburbs of Orange County, California, I grew up in Wyoming on a ranch. My first broadcasting gig was in country in 1981 at the age of 17. I was listening to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin when I started, but now I have a distinct love for country. The Wyoming Cowboys will always be my favorite college sports team.

    I was in the Navy for 20 years. I was a broadcaster for Armed Forces Radio in Spain from 1989-91. This started while waiting for my clearance to work with my highly classified communications systems. I got my foot in the AFRTS door because no one wanted to push the country Top 40 on Sunday! Thank Bob Kingsley (a closet rocker) for my two-hour rock show after his American Country Countdown. I did 13 commercials and a TV spot, and got my voice on a videotape in the Library of Congress thanks to the Seabees going to Tunisia repairing train bridges and making a documentary of it in the Rota studio.

    Because of my hybrid background, and discovering my singing voice in 1991, I have been karaoke hosting off and on ever since. I have karaoke hosted in bizarre places like Key West and Tacoma, WA (working for a heavy metal bandleader). I hope I can land one of these gigs in Las Vegas, or work in radio here. Watch out, Ellis Island. Dodge is in the house. I prefer my country either deep or rock-influenced.

    My military retirement and divorce have changed my life, and I'm still searching for my next 25 years. My kids will be raised by me no matter what Mama thinks. I am a security guard for now, but I'm not like any guard you'll ever meet.

    Oh yeah, before I totally get alienated, I'm going to drop this music link right here to show you that new country is really rock with a little fiddle. Check out this new song, and be open-minded - it will rock you a little.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Thanks for this question. Sorry for the rambling, but the scars aren't healed yet. Rock on.

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    Actually, I don't think anyone would be surprised.

    I listen to a bunch of different types of music(excluding country, rap, and mainstream rock) and I am a barista at our local coffee shop.

    Everyone knows that baristi are weird folks who have a great taste in music.

    Although, some people might be surprised that I love shopping and fashion.

    Cinnamon--I suppose I will confess too.....I love HSM. My friends and I had a huge HSM party when the second one came out. I am eagerly anticipating the release of the 3rd one this year!

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