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If Mexico declares War against Cuban communist and anti-American regime, What side would Americans take?



I guess you are not informed in the U.S media about the drug and human rafficking from Cuba to Key west, FL.

Cuba is a banana repuiblic used as backyard by republicans

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    Wasn't this one asked like a day or three ago? Why does it keep coming up? It's not going to happen.

    *IF* Mexico and Cuba went to war, most likely, the US would simply step in to keep the sides apart. If *forced* to choose, the US would side with Mexico.

    1) Cuba has no means of projecting power. Period.

    2) Mexico has very limited means of power projection.

    3) there's a thousand miles and more separating the two countries.

    4) Whilst Cuba does meddle, Mexico's and Cuba's spheres of influence don't overlap.

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    Hypothetically speaking, if Mexico were to declare war against Cuba, it would have to have a 1) Navy for a blockade , 2) an Air Force to dominate the skies, 3) ground troops to take and hold key Cuban facilities.

    America's response cound range anywhere from: a) Denouncement of the attack, b) a coalition building to free the Cuban people from 40+ years of Dictatorship, or c) stand on the sidelines, protect our own interests in the area against attack/reprisals.

    I personally don't think any of the above situations will happen. I don't think Mexico's military could succeed against Cuba and it's terrain, for one Mexico does not have any aircraft carriers or submarines.

    Besides Mexico has problems of it's own right now.

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    Why do no longer we basically attack Cuba and Kill the Castros to get this nonsense over with. the two try this or normalize kin with Cuba. Our modern-day coverage is mindless, we would desire to continuously no longer be allowing any Cuban who escapes to u.s. to grow to be electorate. we would desire to continuously deliver them back and value Cuba for the boat or air fare.

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    Mexico, Cuba is banned from the USA, Mexico is still cool with us.

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    Mexico is in a war with the Cartels in their north that have called a temporary truce to align and fight the government forces......they have no time to fck around with Cuba

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    American people or American goverment?

    The american goverments would obviously use it as a chance to end the cuban communist regime...

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    Why would they? And would that also put them at war with Venezuela since Chavez buddies up to Cuba?

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    Mexico -- they have oil.

    "Shell" gets it's oil from Mexico and Venezuela.

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    sounds like an exercise in the inane

    Source(s): decisionmade without the use of mexico's greatest export
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    i would guess Mexico

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