I went to change a light switch outlet and the outlet that it controls.?

After I finished I tested it out and found that the light switch wouldn't control that outlet any more. I went back to make sure everything was correct and it looked like it. I used the same switch as the old one, just a different color. Please Help!


I plugged in my radio and it worked it was just no longer controlled by the light switch.

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    Just a guess here. You didn't break off the jumper tab between the hot wire screws on the new receptacle. Usually one half of a receptacle is switched and the other half is live all the time. In that case, there is a small tab between the brass colored screws that must be broke off. Don't break the tab on the silver screw side where the white wire is connected. Look at the old receptacle if you still have it.

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    Couple of things to check. First, you DID remove the jumper bar thingies (sorry... can't remember the right name) on BOTH sides of the outlet? Yoou need to see how much is suppose to come off.

    My nephew ran into a similar problem last year helping me. The circuit breaker seemed fine but we flipped off then on again to just to be sure.

    I would check at the various `breaks`: switches, junction boxes like what he did. I would get a pro later as if your hosue catches fire, you insurance company will want NOT to pay you for the damages since it was done by someone unlicensed.

    Be safe and good luck.

    PS. If home depot is by you, pick up one of their handy books.

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    You probably need to "break the tab" on the side of the outlet that has the hot and switch wires attached to. This would be the side that has the brass colored screws. If the tab is not broken, both the top and bottom parts of the outlet will always be hot.

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    If the new switch is the same as the old and properly functioning

    - once in a great moon a new switch is defective -

    and the wiring looks to be hooked up the same as it was,

    it's time to get the old VOM out and start troubleshooting the circuit... after you've double checked to see if the circuit breaker has power leaving it (ska turning the breaker back ON)

    Either that or call a competent electrician...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, if you only messed with the switch and it worked before, the problem is there

    1) Did you tighten the screws to the wires?

    2) Did you pull the wires from the box to the switch too hard and possibly disconnect one from an interior connection

    3) Did you trip the breaker / blow a fuse and forget to reset it.

    Ok.. try this

    a) main power off

    a) Remove your switch and connect the two wires together with a wire nut

    b) main power on.. is the outlet working?

    (yes - continue reading)

    (no - problem is in your breaker/wiring/fuse or the outlet - check for power in to your switch box)

    c) got power to the outlet box... then:

    d) power off

    e) reconnect the switch and turn it on

    f) power on

    g) got power to outlet?

    (yes - button it up. something was loose and you fixed it)

    (no. prob. a bad switch - it happens - take it back and get a new one.

    .. good luck

  • 1 decade ago

    The connection (wire) could be broken or the breaker tripped. If it tripped, take care in flipping it back on especially if the box in the wall is metal instead of plastic.

  • 1 decade ago

    is there power on the outlet , or not ?

    any details you can give will help us answer your question

    will try to help in any way i can

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