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誰可以幫我翻成英文呀?拜託~~> ”

在"雨人"一書,故事的起點, 它談論了關於二個兄弟關係。主角的哥哥的智商有一點的問題,而且非常難和別人相處。而有一天主角爸爸死了,他發現他的哥哥有一大筆金錢,他卻只有一台車子,所以非常的氣憤,決定要把錢搶回來,但當他發現它哥哥有超乎常人的數學能力後,就決定帶他四處旅行去賺錢,後來在旅行途中,發生了許多事情改變了主角的想法,引起了他對哥哥的手足情深。



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    在"雨人"一書,故事的起點, 它談論了關於二個兄弟關係。主角的哥哥的智商有一點的問題,而且非常難和別人相處。而有一天主角爸爸死了,他發現他的哥哥有一大筆金錢,他卻只有一台車子,所以非常的氣憤,決定要把錢搶回來,但當他發現它哥哥有超乎常人的數學能力後,就決定帶他四處旅行去賺錢,後來在旅行途中,發生了許多事情改變了主角的想法,引起了他對哥哥的手足情深。


    In the beginning of the book "The Rainman", the author talks about the relationship between two brothers. The main actor's brother is retarded and therefor he has difficulty getting along with others. After the main actor's father died, the main actor found that his brother has a great fortune but what he got is just a car. He is very angry about this result and thus he decided to take his brother's fortune back. However, one day he realizes that his brother has an outstanding ability in math and therefore he changes his mind; he decides to use his brother to make money so they begins their journey. On the journey, these two brothers have gone through so much together so the main actor changes his thought. This journey induces the main actor's brotherly affection. This is really a touching book.

    我有稍微幫你修改一下 但大致上文意跟你要的差不多

    我建議你把哥哥跟主角改成他們的原名 在文章開頭先標明他們各自較什麼名字會比較好

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    在"雨人"一書,故事的起點, 它談論了關於二個(人的)兄弟關係。主角的哥哥的智商有一點的問題,而且非常難和別人相處。

    In the book "Rain Man", at the beginning, it talked about the brotherhood between two men. The older brother of the protagonist had mild mental retardation, and was very hard to get along with others.


    However, the father of the main role died one day. He (the main role) found that his older brother got a big deal of money, but he only got a car. So he was very angry and decided to take his money back.


    But after he found that his older brother had much superior mathematical ability than general people had, he decided to take his big brother to travel around to make money.


    Afterward, in the journey, so many things happened and changed the protagonist's mind, causing the deep love of brotherhood to his big brother.


    This is a very heart-stirring book.


    主角 a protagonist, a principal, a leading role, a main role.

    感人 moving; touching; impressive; heart-stirring

    難以相處 hard to get along with

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    pretty good job by Li-Ting.

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