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求英文作文My New Year's Resolution

拜託 我超級超級緊急的!!

我需要一篇英文作文 題目是My New Year's Resolution

只需要150個字 拜託!! 150就好喔~ 千萬別太多




這個作文對我來說很重要,英文老師說 交不出來下學期就讓我死當,而且還要警告一支,警告完不是就算了,英文作文還是要交出來,各位幫幫忙,我想死的那麼慘

Update 2:

第一位回答者 ,真是高手。但是根據我的目測會不會太多了些啊?

爾且請問中文翻譯是什麼? ㄆ 我都看不懂 , 謝謝你的提供答案 我會斟酌考慮的

Update 3:

第一位回答者,你是美國人?看得懂我的問題真是厲害 哈!謝謝妳啦!~

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    <my new year's resolution>

    To make some decisions in my mind in this new year.Frist, i am planing to go abroad to other country,i thought it will let me get a wide range of social and intellectual skills.It is good for matter what,going abraod to study is my goal since i was a little kid ,and it will never be break down or move out from my mind.And continual,i wish i can get rid ALL of my bad hobbits at this year,and became more maturer ,educated and sophisticated.Also at this time i am going to pray for myself that i can obtain an abundance of courage so that if i face to the challenges ,in my future,which are runing into me and i will not feel afraid of it. At last,i am going to wish everyone who is my friends or not,wish them"happy new year and have a lucky new chinese year."

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    In this new year, i'd like to improve my English ability. Therefore, I can

    talk to foreigners when needed. Also, English is an international

    language. We can read the English newspaper without looking up

    words in the dictionary. English is so important that most of the people

    in Taiwan studies English diligently. Because of the importance, my

    English should be improved without doubt. Learning English is a global trend and I must not be absent. To improve my English, first, I should

    make a plan. Secondly, I can study English by buying textbook,

    talking to

    foreigners on the street, practicing English by watching English

    program, and writing mails to native speakers. Thirdly, practicing

    English everyday is the most important part. By practicing English

    everyday for a few months, then I think that my English ability

    will improve a lot. At last, improving my English

    ability is my new year's resolution, and I hope it might come true.

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