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JROTC help?

I am currently almost 14 and going to highschool next year. I was wondering if you can do ROTC in the 9th grade. At my highschool it is the AFJROTC (Air Force) If I take the AFJROTC would be able to help me pursue a career in the Army or any other military branch. Or just the Air Force. Thanks any help would be much appreciated.

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    Basically JROTC is exrta credit before u enlist. When u get ready to sign the contracts after your senior year, the JROTC will give u thcredits for a PFC or at least a PV2. I remember a kid in basic who went jrotc and he was a PFC, thinking about it my bunk mate (Woodbe, {an awsome strong willed chunky man who came out stronger} was in the JROTC and he was a Private First Class. I wish I would of went through the JROTC, but for the officer program. Your HS degree, JROTC, and maybe a after-school activity or even extra language class (bi-lingul pays extra in your active duty pay, just don;t learn arabic or russian, haha) u should be thinking about being a commisioned officer. U deal with the senior year-college application mail BS and then u pick the top 5 or whatever that offers a ROTC program, or a bad-as* mother would go to the military colleges. U get paid in rotc a few hundred I think which is awsome for college pizza, beer, blonde date financies.

    Anyway, basically u need to decide to want to use the learnings u learn in JROTC and enlist (PFC, u are still enlisted, and there are allot of SSG and SGT who are problematic, in your 18 month to 24 month climb to the rank of SPC) OR! be an commisioned officer and live the life of having gold on your pimp shoulders. U live off base, getting paid by the army, no pysical formation at 630 am, going to work with a cup of coffee and then sitting in your own office with sum not bad furniture(make sure u buy some military art-all the top brass has that stuff).

    I wil stop bullshitting with u, but if u wanna know about the army that is not the infintry-or cook bullshit then hit me up. Once a soldier always a soldier: To much BS to ever leave your will power, it will make u a crying boy before they make u boy.

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    No it does not. You are extrapolating from a few isolated incidents to an entire program. Do the actions of a few individuals at Abu Ghraib describe the entire US military...of course not. There are going to be bad apples in every organization, but that doesn't mean everyone is like that. Most jrotc kids are nothing like your insulting description. When you comment that the jrotc uniform is an "outfit of little girls" it really makes it hard to afford your description any credibility at all. One of my friends who went to Lowell, a hi performing magnet high school, but lived in a seedy area of San Francisco and had to take muni trains and buses to school, told me she and her friends would always try to get on the same bus or muni train as the jrotc kids because they felt a lot safer. Why don't you join your schools jrotc and see how it is from the inside. If there are bad apples, you can be sure that the good kids in jrotc are more upset about the bad name those kids give the organization than you are. Three years of jrotc substitutes for the first two years of College rotc, the basic course. It will look great when competing for an rotc scholarship which pays full tuition regardless of amount.

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    Many schools don't offer JROTC until 10th grade but a few do it at 9th. Any program Navy, Army or Air Force will help you get in the Army, and I strongly recommend JROTC. Lots of interesting training and it allows you to belong to a group in High School that stick toghether........

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    Yes it will help you. If you are a good student it can help with ROTC scholarships, and if you enlist with a couple years of JROTC you get an early promotion. Ask the JROTC instructor about it.

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    I was in JROTC in the 9th Grade. It depends on your school and their requirements. I don't see why not though.

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    not just the air going to join the army..........i was going to join AFJROTC until i moved

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