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are there anny Cuban embassy in the US?

i did a google search,yahoo search cant find anny for the US

I need a turist visa for cuba anny one know an easy way of getting one?

Its for a Mexican Passport but am in the US right know,

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    Cuba is subject to The Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") of the US Department of the Treasury regulations. Tourist or business travel to Cuba is strictly regulated. For more information please refer to the OFAC web site or contact US Department of the Treasury.

    Representative Office of Cuba in Washington, United States

    c/o Embassy of Switzerland

    Cuban Interest Section

    2630 16 St. N W.


    D.C. 20009

    United States


    +1-202-797 8518

    +1-202-797 8519


    +1-202-797 8521

    +1-202-797 0248


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    The Cubans that come right here accomplish that for political assylum. they're escaping a Dictatorship led via Fidel Castro. There are 11,000,000 unlawful Mexican immigrants right here who're UNDOCUMENTED. they're having too many little ones for our welfare structures to help, some are transforming into a member of gangs and committing crimes. they have vehicle injuries with out coverage!!! some are bringing drugs into our united states ILLEGALLY. we'd desire to get rid of our previous Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization and initiate a clean workplace the place bondable truthful persons artwork. For our government no longer for his or her very own wallet. might God bless you.

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