ear ach home remedies?

my 5 yr old has an ear ache and i am wondering what are some things i can do to take some of the pain away until we can get to the Dr.'s in the morning??

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    You could go to the store and get some Ear medicine. He could have water in his ears. If so, you could get some alcohol and put it in his ears and wait about 10-15 seconds then turn his head the other way and get all the water out. The alcohol will go beneath the water forcing it up, then when you turn his head, all the water and alcohol will get out. If its too late, and the water has worked its way in good and it wont work. Ear aches are caused when water is in the ear, and it gets warm in clammy in there, a good breeding ground for bacteria. If its too late, theres not much you can do except some pain medicine and Ear medicine.

    Source(s): Had plenty of ear aches...love to swim.
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    peroxide in the ear will clean out anything that may be causing pain. other than that, I would suggest giving them Ibuprofen, (advil, Motrin) as it has an anti-inflammatory in it, and will take some of the swelling in the ear, which causes the pressure that makes the ear ache. Also try over the counter polysporin ear/eye drops. Also blowing a warm hairdryer into the ear can be soothing. Sorry to hear your little one has a sore ear!! It's terrible, I'm an adult and have them constantly. Good Luck!!!

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    I'd say to try and give them some children's tylenol or go to the store and find something that says it will help with ear aches. Hope this helps.

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