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What do you think of Anna Chakvedatze?

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    Anna Chakvetadze is a very talented and very attractive young lady and has a bright future ahead of her. At 20 years of age 5 years as a Pro with 8 Titles and $2.4 million in Prize Money she is heading in the right direction. She is 7-0 in Finals with wins over Garrigues, Petrova, Bardina, Jankovic, Morigami, Mirza, & Szavay. Along the way she has beaten Mauresmo, Bartoli, Obziler, S.Williams, V.Williams, Hantuchova, Ivanovic & Jankovic more than once.

    On December 18, 2007, Chakvetadze's home was burgled. Six invaders tied up Chakvetadze and beat her father, Djambuli. The six men left with over U.S.$300,000 worth of goods and cash. Russian Mafia perhaps or just a small gang but definitely time for them to leave Russia if even just to help her career advance.

    Anna has 2 more Career Titles than Ivanovic and has won the last 2 head to head matches narrowing Ana Ivanovics lead to just 3-2. In 2008 Anna has won a title already and Ana has not. Number 2 looks like she may get beat by number 6 in the rankings. Go Anna C.


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    Anna moves the ball around the court very well. She has great control. She reminds me of Hingis. However, I can't see her becoming a major threat unless she can develop a very strong weapon. Sharapova has her serve, Ivanovic the forehand, Justine the backhand, etc. Chakvetadze has yet to develop a big weapon to threaten other players.

    She's still young though, and she's 7-0 in finals, so she's doing well for a 20 year old. I like Chakvetadze a lot; I would like to see her do well at Roland Garros with her type of game.

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    She's a smart player, has great variety in her game, moves well, and has decent power. She's kind of like a Martina Hingis in that she can really mix things up with her shots, but she has a much bigger serve than Hingis ever had. She also has a great record in finals, which shows that she can really handle the big moments of matches, although she hasn't proven that yet on the biggest stages (grand slams). The only thing lacking really is a big weapon, which she really needs if she is going to make a run towards a slam title.

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    yeah i agree with akesher. I like Anna a lot & I would love to see her in the top 5

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    She plays well but she has attained her ranking jus by a fluke..

    I mean, she jus cant beat the top players when they r in form, has no power and flat forehands, good groundstrokes though.

    She personally doesnt like Sharapova. Reason: Jealousy.

    Proof: She was furious when Maria came to cheer for FED CUP last year and got nervous when Maria made her FED CUP debute this year..

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    I like Anna Chakvetadze and her game. She's one of my favorite players to watch.

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    The only thing good about her is that she is able to hold pretty long rallies.... she is like Radwanska no power, decent serve and good groundstrokes.... And i personally don't like Chakvetadze she looks dull when she is on court like she does not care.... observe her face... it is kinda weird

    She can never be No.1 with her current form nor win a grandslam... ivanovic is way better

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    Since she really has no power, she could become a good clay court player. She fights well at times, but she also is a bit of a head case. I would like to see her come to the net more and get stronger. But more importantly she needs to leave Moscow

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    i think she'll get there

    very talented player actually

    i like the way the plays

    hopefully ppl dont just call her a glamour girl

    and i hope she makes the finals of something

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    she's just fine. although i'm not yet convinced that she could challenge the top players just yet. she's pretty much in the daniela hantuchova-category and a little bit under the ivanovic-jankovic tier.

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