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I'm thinking about switching my auto insurance from GEICO to USAA, but had a few questions. And since it's the weekend, they're not open when I called. I purchased a used vehicle about 4 months, so my insurance went up, and have heard great things about USAA, so here goes,,,,

Question #1 - From all of the research I've done on auto insurance, USAA is approximately $125.00 dollars cheaper for a 6 month premium than GEICO. This sounds too good to be true, but I did the free quote steps over and over again on the site, if you have have USAA auto insurance, does this sound right?

Question #2 - I submitted a quote for property insurance as well, and that quote was $10.00 a month, does this sound about right? I did this quote with website assistance on how much my property is worth.

Question #3 - My 6 month auto insurance premiums gets paid in 4 monthly installments in a 6 month window, does USAA do this as well, or do they do it by monthly deduction?

Thanks to all in advance

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    i do work for usaa and i haveta say that usaa does sound to good to be true but i do want you to know that really is THAT GOOD the company is great to their members and would do anything in their power to help them out. but call usaa and speak to the auto insurance department and they will be glad to help you out as a member or get you signed up to be a member, if insurance is the same hours and credit cards then they are open 24-7 365days a year!!! which is GREAT!. usaa does have alot of differnet plans to pay your insurance, so i would talk to a rep. and see what all your options are!!! believe me if i didnt like the company and how they treated their members i woudlnt just tell you these things just cause i work for them, i could care less if they made money or not, im just telling you the truth that they are an outstanding company and have outstanding products and even better products if you are deployed.

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    First off, everything anyone has told you about how wonderful USAA is? Absolutely, positively true. They are amazing. I was rear-ended less than a week ago, and not only were they incredibly supportive, but the repairs are already paid for. They've been in constant contact via phone and email, and are really going out of their way to take care of me.

    I only have auto insurance through them, so I can't answer for their property insurace. I did some rate comparisons before signing up, and I recall them being less than Geico. I don't remember the exact amount, but I'm not surprised that you'd be saving that much money.

    Although I pay all of my insurance bills online, I still receive the paper statements. On each statement, you have the option of paying either the 4-month plan or the 6-month "extended" plan. It's very flexible--you can switch from one amount to the other (and back) with no problem. You can also set up automatic payments if you wish, and adjust the amount if need be.

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    RE: Question about USAA Insurance and coverage in Germany? My husband and I are living in Germany. He is a german citizen and Im a US citizen. We are not living on a military base and are not military at all, actually. I have a previous account with USAA and was told by the company that at any time, I can reopen my insurance with them. My question is, will...

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    Never gave this much thought

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    Thank you! informative and this offers me better knowledge on the topic

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