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Please Help Me With This TPS Hockey Stick!!?

i was at a ottawa senators game the other day and i got a TPS Response Lite... game used by wade redden.... and when i got home today i was looking everywhere for it on the internet to see how much they are (i bought it for $100) and i couldn't find the same stick anywhere? so my question is.... is my stick even out in stores yet or is my stick really old? i can send you a picture of my stick if u need one.

thanks, Alex

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    The R8 Response Lite model is still in the TPS line but, I don't believe Redden was a name used on a retail pattern. So I'm assuming you're referring to his his custom one.

    If so, the only way you'd be able to get more (other than where you found the first one) would be to hunt down some pro-stock overruns or closeouts on line.

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