Is the assent of the people important to the formation and stability of a government?

If u believe it is, why?

if u believe it is not, why not?

And do you believe that the rule of law in America today reflects the assent of the governed? Explain ur answer please nd give a basis for ur views


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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is paramount.

    International law recognises, as an inalienable right, the 'peoples' right to self determination.

    This right flows to the people, not nations or governments.

    (An inalienable right is deemed to be conferred by nature and thus cannot be challenged)

    No country can be deemed to have the assent of the people, because the people, as a whole, have never been asked, anywhere, at any time in history.

    The strongest have taken power initially and then the governmental systems have evolved, in the main to keep them or their ilk in power.

    This is why they are so afraid of the internet. It gives everybody a chance to put forward their point of view. Being an infinitessimally small minority of the population, governments know that once the people realise they have the ability to find out the actual majority opinion, on every issue, then the people will have the power.

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