Does anyone know where i can get a Wii for retail (250) price?

I dont want Ebay. And ive checked at the local Walmart and Gamestop like everyday for awhile now. I live in a smallish city. Those are the only stores that would have a Wii. : ( I live in Cumberland MD if that helps. Thank You for any help!


I ask everyday when thier shipment comes in and at Walmart and Gamestop they just say they dont know.

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    Check out some of those wii tracking sites. just google "wii tracker" some sites will text or email you when one is available.


    Toys r us has them in stock every other sunday. My dad got up at 4:00 in the morning and waited in line until they opened and he got one!

    Source(s): my own search for a wii
  • Go to wallmart, target, game stop, etc. we got ours at target and that's only bc there was 2 left if you really, really want one ask an associate at wal-mart or target put one on hold 4 you when the next shipment comes in and ask them to call you.

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    ask gamestop when their next shipment is and get up earliy that morning to get one

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    go to and that were u can find out u want and were all the shop has got it and went it in stock

    that how i got mine

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    1 decade ago

    hey bro if u know the answer to my question jus tell me please. u not perfect either incase u didnt notice on ur ebaumsworld question u dont need the "s" on websites. i mean come on the way i spell u can still understand it and its faster to type and saves room its more efficient actually.

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    1 decade ago

    I got mine at Target, it was in stock, and cheap

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