Need to make math valentines..PLEASE read.?

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I have to make 5 sayings using ANY math vocabulary about Valentine's Day. Example: You are the INDEPENDENT VARIABLE to my life because i depend on you. i cant come up with more
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What a funny assignment......

I'm a fraction of what I should be without you... you complete me. (And no, I'm not a Tom cruise fan!)

You and I are living proof one plus one equals 3... Happy Valentines to a Dad to be! :)

Want to multiply? (Ok, it's awful, but some drunk actually used that line on me in a bar once! LOL)

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i used your first one :] lol
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  • busymomkaren answered 6 years ago
    you're the numerator to my denominator

    You are my sweetie pi
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  • wizzzdork answered 6 years ago
    I did one of these too////

    You are such *acute chick..... *= acute angle
    The *mangitude of my love for you is *infintely expanding
    U + I = together 4ever
    Our love continues to grow *exponentially
    You are the missing *variable that completes me
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  • ruth4526 answered 6 years ago
    The sum is you are the one four me. How many times do I have to tell you I love you. You are the product of my valentine. Average of you and I is one. I can't think of any good ones sorry.
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  • Saytor answered 6 years ago
    You are the hypotenuse to my triangle of love.
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  • Ashley U answered 6 years ago
    1. You are the RAY of sunshine that lights my life. (ray being the math vocab)
    2. You are more than just an AVERAGE person, You are the most increadible person I have ever met. (average being the math vocab)
    3. You complete the WHOLE me. (whole being the math word.)
    4. Roses are red, violets are blue. a dozen PLUS a DOZEN EQUALS me and u.
    5. You deserve a GALLON of love.

    lol they might be weird but I hope u like them!
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