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Why do gases release (exert) pressure?

Is there a model of analogy for why gases release pressure?


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    There is a model for how gases exert pressure. Basically, think of gas molecules as small balls, and these small balls are flying around a container always travelling straight until they hit another gas molecule or the side of the container and then they change direction. The force from millions of gas molecules hitting the sides of the container puts a force on the container that can be measured, and we call this force pressure. It is the amount of force per unit of area, so the more gas molecules there are, the more collisions with the side of the container, the more force against the side of the container, and so the more pressure.

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    gases are made of atoms, or molecules that have kinetic energy, meaning they are flying around really fast. They collide with each other and change directions, and they collide with the walls of the container and change direction. It's these collisions that exert pressure. The hotter it gets, or the smaller the container, the more collisions and therefore the more pressure.

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