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Why is the cannabis plant(hemp), illegal?

From what I've researched, we could use it for ethanol, and it would be much healthier for the soil than the corn, and it grows faster. I think this country needs as much 'production' as we can before we start importing everything.


Yes Dano, they're hard to find. The plant came across as an extremely non-toxic drug.

Update 2:

Mike, the hemp plant males are the ones used for agriculture, and they have little to no delta-9-THC

Update 3:

For everyone concerned about the classic "pothead," could you properly compose yourself in public the first couple of times you got drunk? Getting "high" takes some relearning, but eventually people regain motor skills, and energy levels.

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    It is illegal because the government said so. Several American native tribes have tried to grow it on their lands to make paper, rope, etc. and had it seized. Marijuana is illegal because rich interests in the United States want it to be illegal.

    Big Lumber doesn't like hemp because it makes the cheapest paper and rope for very cheap.

    Big Pharma doesn't like it because marijuana is good medicine for pain and depression which are two of their biggest sellers and would cut into their profits.

    Big Oil has always suppressed any type of alternate fuel resource. The first automobile engines were run on alcohol and peanut oil. Petroleum based gas was pushed by Rockefeller and the source of his wealth. It is the same model that Bill Gates used to make his Microsoft monopoly. Make sure you buy up your competition and all engines run on your product alone.

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    The governments don't want to admit to making a mistake and classifying it with Heroin, Coke, Acid, bla bla bla....

    A harmless plant that is less addictive than alcohol and cigarettes - yet not regulated. If it was regulated, it would eliminate the underground drug trade, they would be able to tax it, and maybe even people will be too high to care what bogus law they are signing into law at 2 am. Unfortunately the many uses cannot be realized due to lobbyists from oil, paper, plastic manufacturers.

    Source(s): USA - hurry up and get over your fear of cannabis, so that Canada can continue its attempt to Decriminalize it. We may even invite you up here for the odd toke.
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    See your question is in the "perfect world" sense. If we did use it for ethanol we'd have to farm it and in a perfect world those farms wouldn't be ripped off. There would be two types of people who would sabotage the good that would come from it.

    One would be the local druggies who would continue to harvest it for themselves. Yes one or two wouldn't be bad but we all know it would look like Night of the Living Dead out there in a month.

    The others would be the die hard types who want that stuff off the Earth. People would set fires to it and attempt to salt the Earth. Kind of far-fetched though not too far from the truth.

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    Because people can smoke cannabis as a recreational drug that is a strong carcinogen. You would have a hard time convincing the government to authorize massive farming of a substance which can be abused and that we could prevent abuse of it if it were so abundant.

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    Because the government can't regulate it. Thus they can't accurately tax it. Cannabis is more likely to be abused. Maybe we could use it for fuel. It's worth more to pot heads. Way too much risk. I've never heard of pot being used to make fuel. The emissions would probably get us stoned anyway.

    Here moonshing is illegal. However you can get a license to distill fuel. Go figure.

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    i agree with you 100% weed is great it has so many different uses and as for people who think its bad because of how its used as a drug well its not even close to being as bad as alcohol.

    also its not hemp that is illegal its the thc

    Source(s): pro marijuana but i don't smoke it
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    We are dependant on foreign weed, haven't you heard?

    Just kidding. I agree it should be regulated and not illegal, certainly not to the level it is. It is a waste of resources and allows cartels a greater toehold in this country, which I am adamantly against.

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    The historic past Channel documentary "Hooked: unlawful drugs and how they were provided that way" asserts that drugs that the reason some drugs are criminal (alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine) at the same time as others are unlawful (cocaine, heroine, marijuana, and so on.) has more beneficial to do with the communities linked with the drug than its consequences. All drugs that are unlawful immediately all began as criminal. They were made unlawful at the same time as they began to be linked with undesirable communities. Cocaine grow to be idea to electrify violence at the same time as blacks used it and opium grow to be linked with chinese language dens of inequity. in the Southwest, hashish grow to be utilized by utilising Mexicans and by utilising enacting harsh consequences antagonistic to its use and possession the authorities might want to have an excuse to penal complicated, deport, and in the different case administration the Mexican community. so some distance as legalization interior of united states, i do no longer see this happening any time quickly. Any baby-kisser who might want to objective to push by its legalization might want to be marginalized at present. besides the indisputable fact that, decriminalization will be possible. by utilising that I recommend, possession might want to be punishable by utilising in uncomplicated words a small advantageous like rushing or public drunkenness is immediately as a change of penal complicated time. yet in uncomplicated words time will tell. in case you sense passionately about this, write a nicely-researched letter on your congressman. it would want to no longer do any strong, besides the indisputable fact that it doesn't damage.

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    Within your research, have you identified the negatives of cannabis?

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