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AKC with ACA dogs?


I have an ACA mini dachshund and I wanted to breed her but I was wondering if I could breed her with an AKC because ACA studs are nearly impossible to find. Can anyone tell me if I can do this and if not, why not?


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  • Anora
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    Dunno what ACA is...never heard of it and cant for the life of me make anything with the abbreviation that relates to Doxies.

    unless AKC recognises the ACA as a legit registry and you take steps to do a multiple registered litter, you will not be able to have the pups registered AKC and since I have no clue what ACA is...dunno about how they work.

    Sorry I cant be more help,

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    As previously stated, the pups would not be able to register with AKC. To be frank, if you are having to ask a question like this, you are not properly prepared to do a breeding of any sort; registry aside. I have seen and heard of bandy legged, hump back, weak front dogs living in feces up to their ankles from EVERY registry so even a registry is 0 guarantee to a dog being breeding quality. If I were you, I would spay the female you have and go back to the "drawing board" if breeding is something that you'd like to possible pursue in the future. Knowing the standard is not just reading a piece of paper that DCA publishes; it's not just the way the dog looks. There is a whole realm of evaluations that make the "whole dachshund" that you need to research and learn about. There is testing that needs to be done to make sure that the dog is ready and acceptable for breeding. Honestly, we have enough aggressive and bad representations of the dog breed already. Find a way to promote/produce representatives of the breed in a way that is a positive reflection on you and the breed itself.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    ACA is a bogus agency used by puppy millers and unscrupulous back yard breeders. The AKC is the only reputable registration of a FULL BRED dogs of any breed (no mixes or designer dogs allowed except for a few rare cases) like the "silver" Labrador retriever which is a mix of Weimaraner and Labrador. AKC for some unknown reasons allows the "silver" mixed breed to be register as a chocolate Labrador? When filling out an AKC registration form for a puppy, there are 3 boxes for color, BLACK, YELLOW or CHOCOLATE only. Unscrupulous people may play games with the AKC but the only ones I've heard of is in the case of a "silver" (Labrador with Weim, carrying dilute genetics causing several health issues not seen in Black Yellow or Chocolate as it has to do with color dilution from the mix of the Weim.) These dogs should be considered Weimadors which do exist and NOT be AKC registered. -Labrador Breeder/Hobbyist for 24 years. A Hobby, NOT a business. Attached is a photo of a silver that a puppy family sent to be, they were appalled at the appearance of this dog. Silvers, Charcoals or Champagnes are NOT proper colors of the Labrador breed and should be exempt from registration. If you agree and care, write to the AKC.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You bought the dog from a puppy store huh.....ACA is not a reputable registry. You may be able to register with APRI, which is still not AKC. The dog was sold as pet quality with the ACA stamp on it. NEVER breed your dog before conformation titles, and genetic screenings. To answer your question, an ACA dog and an AKC is not allowable. Any person with a dog of quality that is registered with AKC, wouldn't even consider breeding to your ACA female.

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    No AKC reputable breeder is interested to allow their stud on your female. ACA is a scam registry for backyard breeders and puppy millers. Although you find an AKC registered male, the puppies cannot be AKC registered. Rather breeding pet quality dog, maybe you should spay your female.

  • 1 decade ago

    ACA doesn't really mean any;thing as far as showing or breeding. AKC is what counts. Your ACA will not be of any value sorry to say.

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    ACA is a sham registry that will pretty much register anything that looks like a dog and who's owner sends the right amount of money.

    You might have a lovely breedable dog, but without papers from a legitimate registry, I doubt that you will find anyone who will want to breed with your dog. The puppies can't be registered with anything but a "registry" like ACA.

    There is much more to breeding than just finding a boy dog. Please read this excellent series of articles on dog breeding.

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    ACA is a SCAM registry. Its for back yard breeders and puppy millers.. because they are not able to register their poor quality dogs with a reputable registry, like AKC. Her papers are not even worth the ink they are printed with.

    Get her spayed, any pups she has would not be able to be registered.

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    well, if you breed with an akc registered dog the puppies will not be allowed into the akc registry. the likely hood is most people that will advertise akc they will not allow you to use their stud sorry.

  • jaclyn
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    1 decade ago

    Yes you can. Just register the puppies ACA. You can do that by using the sire's AKC #

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