best midwestern state/national park?

We(family of 3) would like to go to a state or national park near the midwest but we are on a budget. we live near Chicago and have never travelled much outside of illinois with the exception of wisconsin dells and niagara falls.

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    There are several nice parks in the Midwest area. One of my favorite places is Mammoth Cave. What an amazing place, the cave is awesome, the campgrounds are nice and there are plenty of other outdoor activities to do. There is always some type of ranger talk or program going on they have wonderful facilities. There are so many other activities here that you can stay for a week and have a great time. We have really enjoyed our trips here.

    Meramec State Park in MO is a very nice state park. This place has more than just your usual “park” activities. There is also Meramec Caverns which is right there with the park. This place is so cool for all ages. The cave is just amazing and they have all different types of tours including the Lateren and Flashlight tours both of which are amazing! The caverns also have a Riverboat ride in which you take an hour long trip in a glass bottom boat down the river. Very cool. They also have the dino dig which is neat for kids they get the chance to “dig” for fossils. They have some awesome canoe floats that you can take. Everything from a small half day to a full day trip. Done both and they are a lot of fun. There is also the store, the campgrounds, the motel and so much more in the area where Jessie James hid his loot. They also have all kinds of events throughout the year which are worth checking out.

    Voyageurs National Park in MN is a very special place. There is no road and the only way into the park is by water. We did some canoeing in the area and it was just awesome. There is the Boundary Waters up there by the park that offers some really cool sites. Doing a morning canoe trip here is just amazing the wildlife that you see will just take your breath away. They also have some really good “trails” to hike on. I believe you can camp there, however there are no facilities just the land and the water. Nice outback experience. Again we just canoed in the area, and by the park but it was amazing!

    I also really enjoyed our visit to Indiana Dunes in IN. Very cool place with a ton of beautiful beaches. For the Midwest it doesn’t get much better than this. They have something like 5 beaches all with beautiful sand some even have lifeguards and showers. There is so much to do here. Hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, ranger programs, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing. This park is large and offers plenty of areas for camping. Again a very nice place to spend a week or two and you will never get tired of the beaches. They also have a very nice interpretive center to help you with your stay and plenty of facilities. Also there was everything we needed in the near by towns. It has been a while since I have been here, but my trip was amazing!

    Sleeping Bear Dunes in MI is also another of my favorite parks. Very beautiful and wonderful views of the lake. They have wonderful campsites and great facilities. They have a wonderful visitor’s center that has great people working that can help you with your visit. Be sure to check out the lighthouse, amazing to see something like this in the area. They have all kinds of activities here for the kids and some really good programs and group hikes. You can horseride, boat, hike and view wildlife. There is also the scenic drive which is a must or take the tour on bikes. They also have scuba diving, fishing, hunting, tubing, kayaking, canoeing and SO MUCH MORE! I really think that this wonderful park is a great kept secret and I was amazed when we went. WONDERFUL!

    The Apostle Islands in WI is also another National Park that a lot of people do not know about. Awesome almost feels like you are on the East Coast. There is plenty to do here and camping is wonderful here. They have plenty of campsites or you can camp on the beach or even some of the islands. They have showers and facilities which always makes a park better. There is boating, scuba, hiking, campfire programs, wildlife viewing, see the lighthouse, go looking for shells, horseback ride and canoe or kayak. We love going here in fact we try to make it every other year. This place is wonderful and there is something for everyone.

    Well I hope this helps you, check out the National Park Service website. It allows you to search for National Parks by location. You can see everything they have to offer and make reservations. Also if you look at the website for the states you can find state parks and search that way. It really depends what you family likes to do. Out of this list I would visit the caves first and then Sleeping Bear or Apostles. Have a wonderful vacation with your family.

    Source(s): Live in the Midwest, travel a lot.
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    Best Midwest National Parks

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    Yellowstone National Park, the very first National Park in America is a must see if for no other reason that it is the most beautiful. Or Custer National Park with all of it's history and Mt. Rushmore. Other than that check out National Parks on Google and see which is your best choice for your budget.

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    You may have already considered the "Great Smoky Mountains National Park", but from early spring to late fall the "coves"(as the open valleys surrounded by peaks are called) and forest floors are covered with a variety of colorful flowers. There are over 850 miles of foot trails. There is also horseback riding , swimming, picnicking, biking and other outdoor programs. And the entrance is free of charge.

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    Since you want to stay in midwest, so go upper michigan.

    Picture rocks and Isle Royale National Park probably the best.

    Or if you enjoy underground, go mammoth cave national park in KY.

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