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Ali asked in Pregnancy & ParentingParenting · 1 decade ago

Parents: Any tips?

As parents we probably all have different tips. Think if we put all the tips together. We'd be so organized. So post all the little parenting tricks you have. I'll post mine. Take the ideas you want and leave the ones you don't. Go ahead!


I use these Lil' Toppers. They are basically a no-spill top for water bottles. Twist it on, hand it to the kids, and go. Much easier and mess-free.

Update 2:

We (a family with 4 children) are often going on day trips and changing it last minute to a 1 night trip (so we don't have to come home late). This requires a quick packing. In the basement, I have an over night bag for each child. It is pre-packed with a spare pare of PJ's, clothes and underwear, and travel hygine supplies.

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    We keep a small, lunch box like cooler packed with little snacks all the time so its ready to go on a moments notice when we have to go somewhere. This avoids needing to buy things to eat while we are out, etc. We usually have goldfish, fig nuetons, chips, etc. in there.

    There are some toys that are kept in the van and don't come inside. Its neat for the kids because they have something to occupy them when they are on a little ride and they don't play with it all the time because we are not in the car all day and for hours everyday.

    Occasionally I'll sit down with the kids and empty out their toy boxes so they can get to the stuff on the bottom. Its fun because the get all excited to have "new", more of forgotten, toys to play with.

    Coats, socks and shoes are kept together in one big, messy pile by the front door so that when we are leaving everyone's stuff is together and we can quickly get it on to go. I don't like that its messy but hey some things you just have to let go with three preschoolers. The girls actually find it fun to have to "search" for their socks, they never match but they like that and heck, why not? They are only 2 and 3 one time each.

    Tooth brushes, tooth paste and floss for the kids are kept on the kitchen counter since we do this while the kids are winding down with a movie before bed each night. Its more convenient and less stimulating/over whelming for them to do it during this time.

    Bibs are kept on the door knob closest to the kitchen table. They are convenient, the kids can easily do their "chore" of putting it back on and getting it before and after they eat.

    A chair is kept in the kitchen so that if I need a little helper while I cook its always there and I don't need to leave hot things unattended with little ones scurring about to get one. Its also there to help little legs carefully bring their dishes to the sink after they eat.

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    My youngest is 2 and has sensory integration disorder so we have some unique challenges in our lives. When we are in public she uses an MP3 player to block out the noise and keep her distracted away from the visual stimuli. We use a sticker chart to help with sleeping, a good night means a morning sticker 7 stickers mean a treat out of the treat bucket.

    Some things I have found useful with my other two children are, counting stairs to make it more fun walking up them, walking like different animals to make a long walk seem shorter and more interesting, always packing juice boxes and healthy snacks in my purse no matter how short an outing may be, using everything as an opportunity to teach my kids (even having to take a bus can be educational if you talk about the driver's job or how a bus "goes") and my personal favorite is the blessed baby wipe! Snotty nose? Sticky hands? Mascara running? Grab a wipe!

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