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Do you like the names....?


Emma Rae?

Emma Mae?

Emma Louise?

Emma Rose?

Ariana Rose?

Jade _____?

Melanie Elaine?

Mandy Lynn?


Kyle Edward?

Riggs Dawson?




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    I like Emma Rose & Emmett Kyle.

  • Anonymous
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    Hmm are you set on Emma, it's a very popular name now and by the time the baby goes to school they'll be about 20 other Emmas in her class.

    Ariana Rose sounds better, I also like the name Jade but it's a pain to come up with a middle name, As for boys Emmett James or Emmett Brent, Kyle Edward sound ok as well Riggs Dawson sounds unique and probably no other kid will have that name. Dawson don't like it as a first name.

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    Emma: Second most popular name in the U.S. Read: it is overdone and very trendy. If I had to pick one of your Emma combinations, I'd go with Emma Louise.

    Ariana Rose: Nice. One of your better choices.

    Jade: Eh. Tolerable. Jade Ariana, maybe? Jade Christina?

    Melanie Elaine: I love Elaine! Melanie is nice, a rather retro choice at the moment. I think this is my favorite.

    Mandy Lynn: Sounds like a cheerleader or a wannabe porn star.

    Kyle Edward: Okay, not exciting, but at least it's legit.

    Riggs Dawson: Horrible. Sounds like a character from a video game or a bad Vin Diesel movie.

    Dawson: Creek?

    Brent: Too 1980s.

    Emmett: Love, especially this spelling. Emmett Liam or Emmett Patrick, maybe?

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    Emma is a beautiful classic that you can't go wrong with. Emma Rose is my favorite of your combo's. Ariana Rose is also completely gorgeous, I love it! Jade, Melanie, and Mandy are all pretty names, just not really my style. As for your boy names, my favorite is Dawson. I really like this name, but am worried people would associate it with "Dawson's Creek", which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Brent and Kyle are also strong names. Emmett and Riggs are not really my style.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Emma is pretty common. Actually, it's tied with emily for the MOST common name in the united states. I think the names are lacking a little substance. Melanie is ok. There arent very many Melanies, at least that I know. Dawson is really cute! I wouldn't go with Riggs though.

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    Ariana Rose is just gorgeous. I like Dawson. Maybe Dawson Edward. I don't care for Kyle, Brent or Emmett. Riggs is OK only if it is a family name, like mother's maiden name, even then I wouldn't use it as a first name. It just doesn't sound right.

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    I like Emma but not rae or mae.

    I love emma rose and arianna rose <3

    I like the name Jade but maybe more as a middle name.

    NEVER mandy or melanie

    I like kyle and Dawson

    I have a friend named Brent, hes an awsome kid. :-)

    NEVER Riggs or Emmett.

    Source(s): Sorry, Just noticed your name was melanie. Sorry , I didnt mean to offend or anything. I was just giving my opinion.
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    I love Emma Rose for a girl.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Emma Rose

    Emma Rae

    Emma Duerre

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love Ariana and Edward.

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