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Estimate how long it took King Kong to fall straight down from the top of the Empire State Building (380m high

Estimate how long it took King Kong to fall straight down from the top of the Empire State Building (380m high), and his velocity just before "landing"?

thanks for help me.. but I need the complete procedure, can you give the whole procedure.

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    Assuming no air resistance

    s = u t + g t²/2

    s = 380m

    u = 0 m/s

    g = 10 m/s²

    t = √(2 s/g) = 8.72 secs

    v² = u² + 2 g s

    u = 0 m/s

    g = 10 m/s²

    s = 380

    v = 87.2 m/s

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    (a) Use the equation Y=V(t)+1/2(a)(t)^2 Where Y = distance king kong is falling -- 380m V = initial velocity -- 0 m/s (a)= 9.8m/s^2 (This number is not given, but something you should know.) t = ? So plug everything in and you ll get 380 = 0 +1/2(9.8)(t^2) t= 8.8s (b) Now that you have found time, you want to find his velocity before landing. Use the equation v2=v1 +at Where v2 is the final velocity V1 is the initial velocity a is 9.8 m/s^2 and t is what you have found in part A. (8.8s) When you plug everything in, you will have: V2 = 0 + (9.8 m/s^2)(8.8s) V2 = 86.24m/s

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    How Long Is King Kong

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    1m per second/second

    After about 10m, you have been going for 4 seconds, and would hit terminal velocity( the speed at which you cannot accelerate any more ), and would be constantly going 10m/s



    37 plus our 4=41

    It took king kong about 41 seconds to reach the ground from 380m high.

    EDIT::: If he weighs 2000 lbs(like the guy over me says) he would arrive at the same time as a 7lb bowling ball, as any item accelerates at - - a meter per second per second or

    m/second ^ 2

    Just had to say that, 'cuz the person above me obviously isn't smart enough to have completed sixth grade...

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    King Kong, being a fictional character, was fake. No such animal ever fell from the Empire State Building ~ the images in the movie were done with special effects.

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    x=-380m, Vo=0, a=-9.81m/s^2


    V^2=Vo^2 + 2ax


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    it depens of relativ graviti force in NY , air resistance(% of h2o in

    air and all other stuff in air), and if the formula of graviti force speeding is right it woun't be hard to calculate the answer

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    How tall was he ?

    (I can't recall if his feet were on the ground when he grabbed the 'plane)

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    29.2 seconds if he weights 2000 lbs

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