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Why does Clinger dress normal after he becomes company clerk?

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    It's immediately after Radar leaves that Klinger starts dressing normally. The episode after Radar is gone, everyone complains (including Potter) that Klinger is "no Radar" but then Col. Potter pulls Klinger in and says, "When I came here, I replaced Blake. Nobody expected me to be Blake, everyone gave me room to be me. It doesn't seem we've given you that same freedom not to be Radar." (that's a paraphrase but same idea!) so Potter starts giving Klinger the respect he deserves as company clerk, Klinger becomes really good at it, and starts to take some ownership of his importance in the unit. His new clothes are because of his new position, but they also symbolize his adjustment to the Army. :)

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    He realizes that Colonel Potter isn't going to send him home on a Section 8, so he gives up pretending to be crazy. But even after this, he occasionally wears a dress for the purposes of having fun or scaring a visitor.

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    Klinger begins dressing normal shortly after Colonel Potter arrives, because he realizes he is not going to get any where with his "crazy" stunt now that they have a "regular army" Colonel. He still dresses like a lady occassionally, but not all the time.

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    He wanted to be a worthy successor to Radar, the former clerk.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He's decided that's it was ridiculous to try to leave on a B14 or whatever the code is for insanity and he wants to make his wife proud.

  • 1 decade ago

    he took testosterone pills.

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