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Star Wars fans: How did Jacen kill Mara Jade?

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    "You're… as vile as he was."



    ―Mara Jade Skywalker and Jacen Solo[src]

    The fiasco on Gilatter VIII left Mara and the others wary of not only Jacen, but Alema and Lumiya as well. Concerned for the safety of her son, Mara decided to hunt down Lumiya and kill her, thinking that Lumiya was after Ben. To help in tracking her son, Mara also gave Ben a vibroblade she had used while she had worked for the Empire, which also contained a virtually undetectable transponder. Refusing aid from Luke or other Jedi, Mara then set out on her hunt for Lumiya, looking for an opportunity to end what she viewed as the Sith menace to her son. Mara obtained such a chance at Hesperidium and ended with herself gaining a bruised eye, split lip, burned neck, and bleeding forehead while Lumiya suffered severe lightsaber wounds. When her son, Ben, discovered that Jacen and Lumiya were connected by affiliation, he told his mother. Mara, feeling both betrayed and upset at the dark revelation, cornered Jacen and attempted to sway him back to the light side. After Jacen brushed her warnings off, Mara felt Jacen had become too evil and dangerous to leave alive.[2]

    Mara Jade Skywalker's funeral.Mara tracked Jacen to Hapes, where he was visiting with Tenel Ka and Allana. When he left Hapes, Mara ambushed him in her StealthX, and after a dogfight in Hapan space, they ended up on the planet Kavan. In the tunnels of Kavan, a fight between the two ensued that degraded into a very physical brawl. Initially, Mara trapped Jacen beneath rubble by collapsing the ceiling and attempted to shoot him with a blaster. The ambush backfired when Jacen used a Force Wave so strong it blew the blaster bolt and the cave stones off himself which also knocked Mara backwards. She kept fighting Jacen with her shoto and vibroblade even after sustaining a scalp injury and being painfully thrown into a brick wall several times, using her assassin's training and physical skills to good effect. As she prepared to finish off her opponent, Jacen stared into her eyes and instantly created the illusion of Ben's face beneath her by using the Force, causing Mara to hesitate for a split second. Jacen used the time to stab a poisoned dart into Mara's thigh, causing a slow, paralyzing, and painless death. Her final words expressed her belief that Jacen had become worse, more vile and cruel than Palpatine, and that Luke would defeat and strike him down. Mara left her body behind instead of allowing it to become one with the Force to leave evidence of the identity of her killer as well as to give her family something to say goodbye to. Her last uses of the Force were to whisper in Ben's mind and to ruffle Luke's hair. Other Jedi, including Leia, also felt Mara's passing through the Force.[2]

    Mara's corporeal body remained long enough for Cilghal to perform an autopsy and have her funeral arranged on Coruscant. Numerous Jedi, including the entire Masters' Council, as well as government officials including Cha Niathal, military supreme commander and co-chief of state attended. Although her sister-in-law Leia Organa Solo was supposed to deliver her eulogy, Leia and Han were prevented from arriving by a Galactic Alliance Guard squad seeking to detain them. Instead, Saba Sebatyne eulogized the fallen Master, though she was interrupted by the late and discourteous arrival of Jacen Solo, whose role in Mara's death remained unknown. As Jacen Solo, or Darth Caedus, arrived, Mara's body began to fade and dissipate, finally becoming one with the Force. Her son Ben took this to mean that they should not trust Jacen. Saba continued with her eulogy, recounting Mara's history and using her change from a life of serving the dark side and rationalizing sacrifices to make a point to Jacen Solo, who had done the exact opposite.[69]

    Source(s): wookiepedia
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    A poison dart. Jacen(Darth Caedus) later said he was defending himself. Which you could make that argument.

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