Reining ??

Does anyone on here even know what reining is?? If so wat do u think??- btw i no all about reining and luv it.


o, 4 the person who said that they went to reining shows and saw the person pulling of the horses mouth, wat show did u go to!?!?!? go on youtube and look up shawn flarida. hes the best reining horse trainer and a rlly nice person. o and stacy westfall is cool to watch in the freestyle but shes a little cooky and doesnt no much.

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    Most of the individuals listed here are currently in or have been the top five reining trainers in the country:

    Todd Bergen, Del Hendricks, Shawn Flarida, Al Dunning, Todd Crawford, Jackie Krshka....look for their videos on youtube.

    Some great websites for your own information are:

    www., (The National Reining Horse Association website),, and

    Reining is becoming an accepted member of USET.

    There are eleven different patterns approved by the AQHA.

    The AQHA definition of reining..."to rein a horse is not only to guide him but to control his every body movement. The best reined horse should be willingly guided or controlled with little or no apparent resistence and dictated to completely. Any movement of the horses own shall be considered a lack of control. Any deviation from the exact written pattern shall be considered a lack of or temporary loss of control and faulted according to the extent of deviation from the pattern. Credit will be given for smoothness, finesse, quickness and authority in performing the various manuevers while using controlled speed". AQHA Official Handbook, 2007

    Reining has a huge following....particularly the Breeders Futurity.


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    reining is basically dressage but for western. You have a pattern your required to do different stride changes. Now dressage has more things asked but you get my idea.

    Reining has a total of between 6-10 patterns. (can't remember exactly) But you are asked to do a pattern. Every reining pattern deals with circles, either 2 fast circles and one small circle for the left side, or visa versa. Then you have to do a figure 8, roll back (in a stop the horse turns on a dime), sliding stops (my favorate), flying lead changes, and backing up. has patterns for you.

    I used to show in reining, my trainer is known for reining. Him and I went to a show and I screwed up the pattern, it wasen't that bad (I forgot a lead change) anyway when I came out of the ring, he yelled at me, ripping me up one side and down the other. I tried to do reining again at another show but I messed up again, same thing got yelled out. Needless to say I don't ride for this trainer anymore. I'll probley never be able to show in reining. When ever I try to pratice a pattern I swear I see him in the ring. Either I pull the horse up to a stop or I fall off. But overall I love the event. I loved doing a sliding stop.

    Source(s): showed in reining for a while
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    you kind of worded this question as if we knew nothing at all about reining when in fact prob 95 percent of us know what it is..

    I think reining is cool, would i do it myself? No. Dont get mad, this is just my own personal opinion on reining but i really dont think its natural to make a horse gallop, skid stop etc. I know stacey Westfall does it with mostly natural aids. She will go without a headstall, or anything on the head or neck for that matter, and sometimes wont even use a saddle. Although i think Stacy's way of doing reining is most natural, and the people who stop their horses with their legs not their hands.

    Ive gone to reining shows for people who were just beginning, some of them got the idea, some didnt and were just yanking on the horses mouth to where it got to the point the horse would skid stop everytime the kid even slowed him down because he was afraid of being yanked on so hard.

    So what im trying to say i think in the right hands reining is just the coolest - in the wrong hands its just sort of sad. I know some people cant afford trainers but atleast get videos and books on reining :)


    it was a local show around where i live, nothing big. I think stacey knows a full load of stuff, i dont see how shes cooky...

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    I love reining! I don't compete in it but I've tried it a few times! It's so exciting to watch people do the patterns! I enjoy seeing the sliding stops!

    Check out this video, reining at its best! It's amazing the bond this horse and rider have!

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    Reining rocks! Reining is kinda like the western version of dressage. It emphasisis the proper execution of different maneuvers and reining patterns. You must be careful though, because reining can be physically demanding on horses, and you don't want to push your horse (or yourself!) too far too fast. I'm probably preaching to the choir if you already know about reining though ;).

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    Stacy Westfall is one of the best trainers around, so I'm not sure why you think she's kooky and doesn't know much. And yes, we know what reining is.

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    I've never done it but it's certainly an art form. A lot of people know what reining is, it's a pretty popular sport. I'd like to dabble in it sometime.

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    it is great to watch the horse is constantly thinking of what to do next love to watch it

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    Its another discipline.

    Talented horses showing how diverse the equine breed can be.

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