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Tokyo, Japan!?

What is the cultural diffusion of TOkyo, Japan?

and how does Tokyo, Japan relate to trade? Is it close to trade ports, is it the center of Japan's trade industry? HELP!


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    It's quite expensive in Japan. 1. Food. Prices are not too bad, you can find a cheap meal pretty much anywhere in Japan. There are a lot of fast food chains, ramen and donburi restaurants with prices ranging from $4-8 per order. Servings are not so big though. If you want to go to a nicer place, be willing to shell out $30 and up. 2. Transpo. Taxis are expensive in Japan. As much as possible, avoid taking them. Flag-down rate is $7-8.Take the train instead, they're very efficient and you can get pretty much anywhere. From one stop to another it costs about $2. Bullet trains are expensive though, $200-300 if you plan on going to Kyoto/Nara/Osaka. Book earlier if you want them cheaper. There are buses that go around some cities, and they're cheap. 3. Clubbing. Entrance is more expensive for men. Ladies can get in for free on some nights. Entrance fee is about $30 in Shibuya and Roppongi. The only club I know that doesn't have an entrance fee is Gas Panic and it sucks. Drinks are about $6-8 in clubs and bars. 4. Shopping. The cheapest stores there were Uniqlo and H&M. It's not even cheap in stores in the side streets. There's a lot of great stuff though. 5. Accommodations. My dad and my sister visited me once in Japan and they spent something like $1500 dollars for just one week. $1000 for 12 days is not possible if you actually plan on staying in a hotel. Don't get a hotel in Narita though. There's nothing there and it's too far from the main city, like 2 hours. The key to enjoying Japan, is to STOP CONVERTING AND CALCULATING.

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    I'm not a cultural anthropologist, but Tokyo itself has not really been directly affected by cultural diffusion (except perhaps by Commodore Perry, see below, although it still affected the country as a whole). Japan as a was affected initially by China and then Korea. In the case of China, the imperial government sent intellectuals to China to learn about culture, etc. They brought back the written language and Buddhism.

    Kamikaze (divine wind) twice kept Kublai Khan out of Japan, or there might have been some huge unwanted influence from the Mongols.

    Much later, the Portuguese and Dutch traded with Japan through Nagasaki.

    Commander Perry (America) landed in Edo (Tokyo) and his fleet landed in Edo (Tokyo) and in a rather unfriendly way persuaded the Japanese to open their ports.

    Tokyo is a port and very close to the major port of Yokohama. Other major ports are Sendai, Kobe and Osaka.

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