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Get The Funk Out! Rockers, What Are Some Great Funk Songs?

So let's go off genre for a moment.

Any of You rockers out there like to get Funky?

What are some of the best Funk Songs You ever heard?

Here's My List

Let It Whip by The Dazz Band

Atomic Dog by George Clinton

Give Up The Funk by Parliment Funkadelic

Word Up by Cameo

Living In America by James Brown

Your Turn...Get Funky!!

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    Funkadelic and Parliament are two of my favorite funk bands Darth. Someone here mentioned the song Funk #49...this is not's hard rock by The James Gang (Joe Walsh), which I'm sure you're already aware of.

    I own so many great Funk albums from the late 60's-70's.

    The band Funkadelic were amazing, and Eddie Hazel is one of my favorite guitarists. His playing style was very much influenced by Jimi Hendrix. Ron Bykowski also played lead guitar for them...and he smokes as well!

    Their albums, Maggot Brain, Free Your Mind & Your A** Will Follow, and America Eats it's Young were great examples of psychedelic funk...lots of cool fuzzy guitars and long jams.

    By the 'Cosmic Slop' album, they had really become much more cohesive as a band, and had adopted a really cool funk/rock sound. The amazing lead guitar work of Eddie and Ron always took the forefront, with George Clinton's lyrical wit and humor not far behind. Bootsy Collins bass playing gave the band a great sound too, and his revolutionary technique/style was really starting to evolve around this time also.

    These are some Funkadelic albums I know you'll enjoy:

    Their first album (self titled) 1970

    Free Your Mind...And Your A** Will Follow 1970

    Maggot Brain 1971

    America Eats Its Young 1972

    Cosmic Slop 1973

    Standing on the Verge of Getting It On 1974

    Let's Take It to the Stage 1975

    Parliament was another cool band, and featured George Clinton as well. The first Parliament album called 'Osmium' was released in 1970, and in my opinion is a funk/psych/rock masterpiece! Their second album was not released until 1974, and by that time their style had changed to the more typical 70's funk sound of the day...akin to Funkadelic.

    Parliament featured many of the same members as Funkadelic, including Eddie Hazel and Bootsy Collins.

    Here's a few other great Funk bands of the late 60s-70s.

    As the 70's progressed, some of these bands began to verge on be careful! Though since you don't mind 'KC and the Sunshine Band'...this shouldn't bother you at all... LOL

    Tower of Power

    Rasputans Stash

    Chocolate Milk

    Demon Fuzz

    Uniao Black

    Ohio Players



    Sly and the Family Stone

    Rufus & Chaka Khan

    Kool & the Gang


    The Bar-Kays

    The New Birth

    Mass Production

    Here's some of my favorite funk songs:

    What is Hip? - Tower of Power

    Hit it and Quit it - Funkadelic

    Cissy Strut - The Meters

    Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang

    My Automobile - Parliament

    Chameleon - Herbie Hancock

    Fencewalk - Mandrill

    Sex Machine - Sly and the Family Stone

    Got to Get a Knutt - The New Birth

    Run Charlie Run - The Temptations

    Play That Funky Music (White Boy) - Wild Cherry

    Nappy Dugout - Funkadelic

    Get Up (I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine) Part I - James Brown

    Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

    Backstabbers - The O'Jays

    No Head, No Backstage Pass - Funkadelic

    You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate

    Pain - Ohio Players

    Low Rider - War

    Jimmy's Got a Little Bit of ***** in Him - Funkadelic

    You seemed to have developed a passion for 70s jazz fusion lately, and many bands/artists like Return to Forever, Deodato, Stanley Clarke, Weather Report, Alphonse Mouzon...and many others verged on funkiness too.

    Check out Stanley Clark's album 'School Days'...I think you'll really enjoy that too...great funk grooves!

    Edit - Now Playing: Funky Woman by 'Mahogany Rush'...definitely not a funk tune or band, but it's easy to see how someone might get confused, based on the title of the song...LOL

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    Your list is so complete, people, it's hard to come in and make the save this time. EXCELLENT list. If Smiley doesn't get the Best Answer this time I'm phoning the FBI.

    I have some favorites that are more obscure and missed the group, but then I'm also not surprised - since this is my passion to find the nuggets that the world overlooks.

    The Winstons (1969) - Color Him Father

    Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers (1979) - Bustin' Loose

    Xavion (1984) - Eat Your Heart Out (similar to Living Colour!)

    Don't forget the baritone lovemongers out there, Barry White and Isaac Hayes.

    Source(s): My collection
  • Montag
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    Funk and some funk rock. Not all of these are by actual funk artists though.

    "Brick House" by The Commodores

    "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" by Sly & The Family Stone

    "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder

    "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine" by James Brown

    "Kiss" by Prince

    "One Nation Under a Groove" by Funkadelic

    "Give up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)" by Parliament

    "Stomp!" by The Brothers Johnson

    "Naked in the Rain" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

    "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind & Fire

    "Cissy Strut" by The Meters

    "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang

    "Pow" by Graham Central Station

    "What is Hip?" by Tower of Power

    "Epic" by Faith No More

    "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" by The Temptations

    "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)" by Wild Cherry

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    Play That Funky Music-Wild Cherry

    September-Earth Wind and Fire

    Atomic Dog-George Clinton

    Celebration-Kool And the Gang

    Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)-Parliament

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  • Dani G
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    Ohio Players - Fire

    Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up

    Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman

    James Brown - Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine

    The O'Jays - For The Love of Money

    The Commodores - Slippery When Wet

    The Isley Bros - I Turned You On

    George Clinton - Flashlight, Atomic Dog

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    Afternoon Darth. I don't know if they are the best but these are my favorites:

    ~Baby Love - Mother's Finest

    ~Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin) - Sly & The Family Stone

    ~Fire - The Ohio Players

    ~Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

    ~Burn Rubber On Me - The Gap Band

    ~Get the Funk Out Ma Face - The Brothers Johnson

    ~Let It Whip - The Dazz Band

    ~Jungle Love - The Time

    ~Theme from S.W.A.T. - Rhythm Heritage

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    Aside from the whole Danity Kane thing, I guess I'm really not surprised by much, musically. My tastes are SO all over the place. However, I will say that I was a Steely Dan fan for years before I ever even knew it. As dumb as that sounds, I had heard their music for YEARS and had always assumed that they were someone else (specifically, that "Do It Again" was a Santana song), and that I didn't really like Steely Dan. About five years ago, my (now) hubby, popped in a Steely Dan CD while we were on a road trip, and I went along with it to humor him. I was shocked to leanr that I has been a fan for years and didn't know it!

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    Make it Funky- JB

    More Bounce to the Ounce- Zapp

    She's a Bad Mama Jama- Carl Carlton

    King Kong- Jimmy Castor


    many off your list too Darth. Esp. Atomic Dog

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    To be honest, I really am not into funk (the original), but I was really dazzeled when I first heard Steven Wilson's (Porcupine Tree) early works with no-man (before PT) where they combined a quite unique sound of ambient pop with underlaying funky rythms and guitars.

    Songs like "Housekeeping" and "Sweetheart Raw" really made me open my horizons, and let some "funky" music into my collection. Too bad the record is deleted, allthough I've seen it on e-bay once or twice. It's worth checking out.

  • Ace
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    1 decade ago

    Superfreak Rick James

    Living in America James Brown

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