what will happen if i don't put my child in speech therapy?

My son is 4 years old and not much of a talker, but he can understands most of the things that was said to him. The problem is he just don't talk as much as other 4 years old. He's beginning pre-k this fall and i know that exposure to other kids his age will help him. will there be any long time effect if i decided not to enroll him in a speech therapy session? Should I enroll him or not? If I decided not to, does it mean I'm a bad mother for just waiting for him to talk on his own time and phase? please advice.

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    hi im a qualified nursery nurse and now a T.A and have experienced this many times. singing could help as could exposure to other children his age. stimulate him as much as possible through different type of experience. ie trips, dvds, visual aids etc.

    If you feel after a while he hasnt come on then speak to the pre school staff they are qualified and will be able to help. Im sure pre school will bring him along!!!! and no you are not a bad mother.......its STAGE NOT AGE!!! each child will develop at their own pace

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    If your child truly has a problem being around other kids won't help. The sooner he get help the better. He will fall behind if he actually has a problem and doesn't get help. The whole point of early intervention is to help children as early as possible so bad habit don't develop. Has he been evaluated yet? The first step is to have him meet with a speech therapist and determine if there is actually a problem. That will help you decide if he actually needs the speech classes, or not.

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    Speech therapy isn't like drugs, or surgery. There is no harm to it. Speech therapy is presented to kids as a game, and most kids see it as just another kind of play.

    There is really no harm in going to speech therapy whether it is needed or not. There is however great harm in not getting it when it is needed.

    However not talking as much isn't usually a sign of a speech disorder. In any case getting an assessment wouldn't hurt.

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    Have you talked to his doctor about this? He needs to have his hearing evaluated first, just to make sure everything is good. Then he would need to be evaluated by a speech therapist to see how far behind he actually is with his speech. If you are in the states, then every county has to offer a free evaluation and if you qualify, then free speech therapy. This isn't income based, but need based. Plus, they offer free preschool to go along with it. 2 of my boys have articulation problems and started speech therapy at the age of 2....and they are still receiving it at the ages of 8 and 10. They have made wonderful improvements. I know sometimes it seems overwhelming, but we have to do what is best for our kids. Look up your local Educational Service Center for your county and ask them about getting your son evaluated. It will be listed in the phone book under ________ County Educational Service Center. Good luck!

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    My 2yr old isnt much of a talker and i got told that when she goes into nursery she will start talking more to get needs met. Obviously interaction with other kids his age and older will help and reading to him and keeping talking to him will help.

    Take him to your doctor or health visitor and get him evaluated first. if you do decide to put him in the classes there wont be any harm in it, it can only help.

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    The therapist does testing including your toddler with the aid of asking questions and taking part in video games. there's a sort in the testing. babies that score under a definite selection in the two expressive language (what she is able to verbalize) and receptive language (what she is familiar with) will get carry of amenities. the problem is that many babies would desire to qualify for speech, yet because of fact colleges will possibly no longer have the investment to offer amenities for all babies, they have a shrink off of who desires the medical care the main. My buddy's son is 3 and rather would desire to be receiving speech medical care, yet because of fact he scored properly on receptive language they instructed my buddy he did too properly to get carry of medical care or be located of their speech college room, yet she would desire to pay for college. in the journey that your son is in kindergarten at a public college speech medical care is normally accomplished throughout college hours for a definite time desperate after the assessment. babies that have particular desires immediately qualify for speech medical care and the frequency is desperate in the IEP. babies that have not have been given particular desires get carry of medical care consistent with a therapist's assessment. there's no longer something which you're able to do to get speed it up. in case you could arise with the money for it, that's recommended to get your guy or woman assessment accomplished. checklist each and every little difficulty. i understand this sounds undesirable, yet many districts are infamous for being stingy. the fewer amenities that they might desire to offer, the fewer money they might desire to spend. It rather relies upon on your district. locate out approximately how properly your college substances amenities so which you already know what you're stepping into. mothers and dads that combat for his or her youngster's rights are greater probable to get the amenities their babies want.

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    If pre k doesn't get him talking in a few weeks, then speech therapy is the way to go.

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    Why wouldn't you?? I think as a mother, you would want the best for your child. I know i want to do the best for mine, and if she needed it, i wouldn't question it, i'd do it.

    Enroll him.

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    Put him in Speech, it will only help him in the long run.

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    enroll him and see what happens. I think you should be proactive and do your best to make sure your son is speaking correctly

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