Attention all VZW Blackberry Pearl 8130 users, I need your input...?

Ok so next week I am planning on purchasing a BBP 8130 from VZW. I was able to play around w/ the phone in the Verizon store but the sales associates were unable to answer my questions w/ surety.

How is the internet feature on the pearl? If I was to go onto to Yahoo would I see a reformatted cellular version or would it be the regular Yahoo but sized for the BBP screen.

How is the phone service?

I have heard a lot of bad reviews regarding the keypad, how reliable is the sure type?

Any other features on the BBP that make your experience w/ this device a positive one?

Anything about the device that you are not a fan of?

Thank You all for your input the Good and the Bad….


TY Biker Rob, that answer really answered my question.

Thank You for the link as well...

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    I can help you some, the Verizon phone service s very good both in calls and web speed. My wife has the Q and the web speed on Verizon is 10 times faster than my friends AT&T phone before she can load the first page we have gone to several and are done. Verizon coverage is verry good as well. I too have been looking at the BBP and will be getting one when my new every 2 is up at the end of the year. I've read a lot about it and it seems to be a very good smart phone and I really like the small size the only complaint I've read is that the key board and it's auto fill takes some getting use to. I'm including a link to a review you may want to read it is a professional review and user opinions as well. Good Luck!

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    Which one will make you look extra significant to human beings??? isn't that what it extremely is extremely all approximately? i could decide on the Blackberry, as they don't have regularly occurring updates by skill of Apple and Steve Jobs, while they discover out somebody is sharing iTunes, Ringtones, or something Apple extremely...

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