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What's a TPS?

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    TPS = Throttle Position Sensor

    In an electronic injection system... it's the little sensor on the accelerator pedal... tells the system how much fuel to use, etc.

    In layman's terms - It's what makes your gas pedal work

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    The TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) is part of the sensor mechanisms that give your car's engine computer (ECU) all the info it needs on the engine so it can modify the fuel, timing, etc. to make it run properly and reduce emmissions as you drive. There are a whole series of inputs that flow into the computer including the throttle positon, intake temperature, crank positon, oxygen in exhaust, etc.

    It is not unusual for the TPS to need to be adjusted or replaced and that may be why you are asking the question.

    This is sometimes confused with the TPMS which is the tire pressure monitoring system required on all 2008 cars in the US.

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