In Islam is there any relation between these 2 words: ظاهر and باطن ?

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I know their literal meaning. I would like to know if there is a deep connection between them from an Islamic point of view.

Update 2:

Ok in Latin characters is: zahir and batin

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    zahir means the physical self (body) of someone...while batin is the inner self (spiritual/ emotional) of, when someone is still living, he or she has both zahir and in Islam, a Muslim should take good care of both physical and emotional self (eg: eat halal and healthy food - for betterment of physical and spiritual well-being). Plus the daily prayers, donations, fasting during Ramadan and more...the more good deeds Muslims perform, actually the better are their spiritual well-being. Inshallah!

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    There are saveral Hadiths about Islamic ethics; wherein hipocracy is rejected by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

    In this respect He advised Muslims to adopt righteousness and a simple life. These qualities should reflect in the character and personality of a Muslim.

    Languistically these words are commonly used as proverb and idom; to identify the character of a person like "His Zahir & Batin is same" means the person bears a righteous nature and is fair enough.

    If Zahir & batin differs in a person character - he don't do what he say, then he is treated as liar / Hipocrate!

    Hope you understand the meaning and sense.

    Source(s): < Peace TV / Comparative religions >
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    I speak Arabic as a second language. These two words are opposites. One means visible/obvious while the other means invisible/not obvious.

    PS: Although I have studied Islam at the University level I am not aware of a religious relation between these two words that differs from their meaning in Arabic. Note that I am not a Muslim so I only studied Islam in an academic setting, a Muslim may be better able to explain their religious meaning than I am.

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    The relation is that in Islam both the face and the outside of Muslim must be beautifull. A muslim must be clean, neat, kind and happy outside, and faithfull and believer inside.

    Any work has an inside and outside too. The work must be nice outside and the Muslim must do it for a good willing (inside).

    But please type in English, so every one could answer you.


    I'm not Arab either


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    I used google translation and the words are Zahir and subsoil.

    One is a name and the other refers to soil.

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    Ammazza... che risposte interessanti!

    Thanks for questioning! ;)

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    good question, i don't have a answer because i don't know what the 2 words are. sorry i could not help.

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    Yeh, their both in Arabic.

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    beats me

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