hi boonie ya i check my sperm only an the dr was women gynae she only check only wome an she only wants my spe

otherwise i dnt ask u tis question the way u answer was not professional an not the way to help people

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    Good God, I hope you're not trying to reproduce.

  • 4 years ago

    hi! So I even have the respond for you diverse colour question. i'm having a raffle your circumcised are not you? nicely it somewhat is your answer! The lighter colored area is the place the greater epidermis was! Its thoroughly popular and just about all adult males have this. As for the spots, i visit would desire to declare that it somewhat is Hygiene. an identical element grew to become into happening with my husband and he took slightly beyond nicely-known time interior the bathe down there and it went away. in order that which you realize, everywhere there is epidermis, there are pores, and pores get all kinds of crap in them. So in simple terms take a greater minute cleansing your member and you will desire to be nice! desire I helped!

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    I assume you're angry with 'Bonnie' because she suggested that since a Dr. told you your motility was 40%, you should ask that Dr. how to increase motility. So the Dr. was a woman. So what? If she's into fertility she knows about sperm properties. IT was a very professional answer. I am sorry you didn't like how she answered it. I agree with her.

  • I read your other questions, dude, and you SERIOUSLY need to learn to spell. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I can BARELY understand what you're saying most of the time and in this question's instance, I don't understand what you're saying AT ALL. LEARN ENGLISH, THEN COME BACK PLEASE.

    Thanks, and have a nice day.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ???????? WHAT ??????????

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