Wat happens on the 3rd and 4th day of Muslim Pilgimage Hajj??

What happens on the 3rd and 4th days of the muslim Pilgimage to Mekka (Hajj)? Thanks. Xx

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    8. overnight stay in Muzdalifa

    III. Third Day of Hajj (10 Dhul Hijja)

    i. third day of hajj you are in Muzdelifa

    2. after sunrise go to Mina

    3. go to jamaratul Aqaba (last pillar)

    4. throw 7 pebbles

    5. stop talbiya, say takbir

    6. sacrifice animal

    7. clip hair

    8. take off ihram

    9. put on usual dress

    10. go to Mecca

    11. perform Tawaf

    t 2. two rakat near Maqama Ibrahim

    13. perform Saiy

    14. go back to Mina must not stay overnight in Mecca

    IV. Fourth Day of Hajj (11 Dhul Hijja)

    1. fourth day of hajj you are in Mina

    2. after zuhr go to all three jamarat

    3. first jamra (jamara tul oola) throw 7 pebbles

    4. go to jamra (jamara tul wusta) throw 7 pebbles

    5. third jamra (jamara tul aqaba) throw 7 pebbles

    6. must stay in Mina

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    3rd day -

    On the third day, the pilgrims move before sunrise, this time back to Mina. Here they throw their stone pebbles at pillars that represent the temptations of Satan. When throwing the stones, the pilgrims recall the story of Satan’s attempt to dissuade Abraham from following God’s command to sacrifice his son. The stones represent Abraham’s rejection of Satan and the firmness of his faith.

    After casting the pebbles, most pilgrims slaughter an animal (often a sheep or a goat) and give away the meat to the poor. This is a symbolic act that shows their willingness to part with something that is precious to them, just as the Prophet Abraham was prepared to sacrifice his son at God’s command.

    Throughout the world, Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, on this day. This is the second of the two major holidays in Islam each year.

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    Assalaamu Alaikum :) It grew to become into easily wonderful !! Jazaak Allahu Khiren for posting this... each and every muslim has to examine n contemplate approximately this. Btw, i think of the completed of what ur attempting say isn't published... ought to u pls upload it interior the further information, so we could get the completed article.

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    they all go 4 a fry and a few pints

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