Love Together大碟{{急}}

請問Love Together大碟有咩歌!?請列所有-


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    Disc One:

    1 Eternal Flame

    2 Reality (電影"初吻"主題曲)

    3 All Out Of Love ("小風波"英文原曲)

    4 I Swear (林憶蓮"I Swear"原曲)

    5 It Might Be You (電影"杜絲先生"主題曲)

    6 Just When I Needed You Most

    7 I'd Realy Love To See You Tonight

    8 Killing Me Softly With His Song

    9 You Needed Me

    10 You Are The Love Of My Life ("愛全為你"英文原曲)

    11 Torn Between Two Lovers ("中間人"英文原曲)

    12 How Can I Tell Her

    13 Can't Fight This Feeling

    14 Rainbow Connection ("明日再明日"英文原曲)

    15 From A Distance

    16 So Much In Love ("二人世界"英文原曲)

    17 Same Old Lang Syne

    Disc Two:

    1 Casablanca ("片段"英文原曲)

    2 Lovin' You - Minnie Riperton

    3 If You Leave Me Now - Chicago

    4 Unchained Melody (電影"人鬼情末了"主題曲)

    5 Just Tell Me You Love Me ("情兩牽"英文原曲)

    6 If

    7 Arthur's Theme(電影"闊少爺"主題曲)

    8 Vincent

    9 Goodbye Girl (電影"再見女郎"主題曲)

    10 All By Myself ("流星花園II"插曲)

    11 Lullaby

    12 Waiting For A Girl Like You

    13 The Other Side Of The Sun ("你在何方"英文原曲)

    14 Danny's Song

    15 Separate Lives

    16 My Fair Share

    17 Blue Bayou

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