Those asserting the US was founded as a Christian nation never reference the Puritans. Why?

They were some of the 1st colonial settlers and they typically burned or crushed (by stones) those they found to be heretics (nonbelievers). If I were to make a case that the US was founded as a Christian nation this would be damning evidence.

Instead proponents of a "Christian America" cite 2 irrelevant snippets from the DOI, “Nature’s God” and "Creator". But neither is remotely synonymous with Christianity.

They often cite "In God We Trust" which wasn't added to our currency until 1955. It has nothing to do with the founding of the US, only the profound influence Christian extremism had at the time.

They often cite "One nation under God", words added to the pledge in 1954. Again, these words hold no historical pertinence.

The Puritans on the other hand...they make a good case. The 1st European settlers obviously didn't approve of those who'd deny Christ. Anyone who was accused of doing so stood to meet a horrific end- men, women and children alike.


The US was obviously founded on good Christian principles. What more proof do you need?

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I reworked the question for clarity. If that bothers you please don't answer.

Update 3:

Spiritual Gunslinger makes a valid correction. The Puritans didn't do much burning. My bad. They were way more fond of hanging and crushing after sadistic torture. As if that's more humane than being burned alive? Seems there's some history our historian is trying hard to ignore.

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    The United States of America is not a Christian nation because the Bible, the word of God, runs counter to the American Constitution.

    God does not support democracy (He rules; Psalms 2, 89,110: the King is Yahweh's son), freedom of religion (no other gods allowed) or freedom of speech (no blasphemy).

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    They're not studying their history, is all. They bought into the rather recent lie that America was founded with Judeo-Christian values, and some even believe that the words "In God We Trust" has always been on our currency, or that the words "and under god" were always in the pledge. If they would just read the words of the founding fathers, they would realize the truth. We are a Christian-Majority Nation, not a Christian Nation. :)

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    Puritans only made up a small percentage of the total colonial population in the beginning of English colonization of America.

    As such, Puritans did not have much influence on the shaping of early America.


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    The Puritans were "settlers" not "founders".

    The country known as the United States was founded upon the Constitution.

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    care to share any historical evidence of Puritans "burning at the stake"?

    No..Salem Witch trials is not what you referred to.

    Also...please re-enroll in American History and this time, don't stop with just T.Jefferson or B.Franklin. Try Adams, or Madison (also founding fathers) and you may get surprised at how deep their faith in Christ was, and how much they saw their calling as Christian men helping develop a new nation.

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    the first 2 colonies for the english speaking part of america

    where plymouth which was founded on freedom to worship

    Jesus Christ as they choose too WITHOUT the politics

    of the Church of England


    jamestown which was really an economic venture.....

    one could also point out that the catholic spaniards settled

    st. augustine for conquest reasons and religious CONVERSION of the america's natives...

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    Actually In God We Trust was added onto the money after the Civil War...but I get your point.

    And the Puritans might have SETTLED here first but they had nothing to do with the framing of the country.

    While God is mention in DoI, that is not law, it is simply a document stating our freedom. God is not mentioned a SINGLE time in the Constitution and they did that intentionally.

    Source(s): History
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    No one with even the smallest amount of knowledge of early American history and the people who established our nation

    could think it was founded on any single religious concept. That would be in conflict with truth, history, fact and sanity.

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    They may have been the first settlers here, but they weren't the ones who actually "founded" the country... That was later in the 1700's...

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    That's a bit unfair Dog. You ask a great question and I'm all ready to give you an answer and then you answer it yourself.

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