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Stevens-Bradford, Smith Co. Tennessee?

Does anyone have info on the Stevens Family of smith co. Tn? Specifically John Stevens, father of George M, Goodlow, Fannie, Mildred, Penelope, and Emma.

Mildred married a David Bradford, in an article I found about the wedding of George M Stevens and Lucy Carpenter saying that George was "of the firm of Stevens and Bradford" Any info on that firm would rock. Thanks for readin.


btw All the children were born between 1840 and 1857

Update 2:

Thanx Wendy. I have found that website and have gotten lots of info from it. I like how they have the actual images of the original Census records for Smith county.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I often recommend the usgenweb sites for a county... they are volunteer based sites, and the amount of info varies. The above page (if the link works) has details concerning the estate of John, who died between 1870-1880. Prior census reports (it is so important to find the original pages!) show John's personal and property worth to be pretty good, meaning you should look for probate files. Smith county is among the better sites, having this transcribed- DON'T fail to work to get the entire original file, if you can.

    Mildred's husband was David Bradford.. they are found in 1880. If David is your line.. his mother is living with them. At the time of that census, David is shown to be a farmer. George was living with his brother Goodlow, as was Emma.

    John's wife was dead before 1870.

    I hadn't searched the entire Smith county site.

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