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im buying a pet rat?

im getting a pet rat in a few days ive looked up quite alot about them on the net, but i really want to know what can i give it as a treat for trust building and isit ok to give it bits of human food, any other info on owning a rat would be most welcome

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    Rats are omnivores, which means they will basically eat anything. You can buy rat and mouse food from the supermarket or a pet shop, but to keep your rat super happy you should supplement their basic cereal food with something a bit more exciting. Improved nutrition can lengthen your rats lifespan to 5 years.

    You will discover what your pets favorite food are with a bit of experimentation (don't mention that word in front of the ratties). Try out lots of healthy, fresh foods like carrot sticks dipped in hommous, juicy apples and pears and you will soon see what they eat straight away, what they hide for later and what they just can't be bothered with at all.

    My Wombat rat loves grapes . He holds them so delicately, takes off the top and the licks out the inside like a crème egg.

    It's ok to give your rats treats too. They like the fruity treats you can buy in the pet shop for rabbits and guinea pigs and carob drops that you get for dogs. My rats like a bit of my dog's dried biscuits too.

    Try out raisins and bread and peanut butter, spread thinly, to avoid choking (on a carrot or celery stick) and you will see what they like best. Just like us, they like variation in their diet. My rats, Ginger and Mr T just love chocolate soy milk and a lot of rats like yoghurt too. Regular soy in our rats' diet is proven to reduce their chance of getting mammary tumors. Hard boiled eggs and bacon rind are other things your ratties might enjoy.

    Ginger in particular is rather greedy and will actually try and grab things from my mouth! What a cheek!

    Try hiding special treats around their cage in secret places and your ratties will love spending time searching for their favorite food, just like they would in the wild.

    Remember not to overfeed your rats. If they get fat they can be more susceptible to tumors and other nasty things, so everything in moderation and try and feed lots of healthy living foods as well as the odd treat.

    Of course you must always provide plenty of fresh water , ideally from a dripfeed bottle, fixed to the cage, that you can get from the pet shop. Try to clean the bottle and the food bowl out regularly to help keep your rats nice and healthy. Also make sure you change the food every day.

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    Buy at least two. They're less work than one and they keep each other company, which tends to make them bond faster and easier with humans.

    I have three rats, two girls and a boy. The boy is neutered and they all live together in one big happy cage. =]

    But anyway, different rats like different foods. Of my rats, Em likes saltine crackers, Ankles likes celery, and Musk likes animal crackers. (All except the celery is given in moderation, of course!) My rats eat pretty much whatever I do though. The only things that you should avoid giving rats is large amounts of chocolate (same effect as it is on dogs.) and cheese. My rats have all had both before, mostly from them being little furry thieves, but they're all still alive and kickin'! =]

    Good luck with your new ratties!

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    I always kept their rat seed in a bowl inside the cage, but I also daily gave them things like : yogurt, cheese, pretzels, pizza crust, cooked spaghetti... just anything I cooked, we would share with the rats. They lived about 4 years.

    I always kept vitamin drops in the water bottle too. Just visit your rat daily, put it on your shoulder and walk around.. feed her snacks daily by hand.. Rats are generally very friendly... if you pick one at the pet shop, get one that comes right to your hand, and seems eager to meet you. Once used to you, and the surroundings, your rat will be so happy to see you.. will want out of the cage when you walk by.. They are really smart. My daughter let hers out every evening while in her room doing homework, or watching TV... the rat was out for like an hour each evening, which they really love..

    Remember, rats at some point will need to see the vet.. they are prone to pneumonia ( labored breathing, and laying in the same spot all day ) Don't let it go too long, it is a horrible death.. find a vet who sees rats. And if they don't chew on enough things, their teeth actually grow and grow, and will need to be clipped. I found this out one day, one of our rats teeth had grown up into her sinus cavity.. I just one day noticed she had blood in her nose.. took a closer look, and saw that she couldn't properly open her mouth because her teeth grew upwards soo much. They also get cancer.. not much you can do about it though.. You should have a few good healthy years with your pet rat.

    If you can, try and buy a 2 or 3 story cage with ramps to run up and down the levels. Its just more room, more fun for the rat.

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    Well the best toy you can ever get for a rat is another rat to play with! Rats are highly social animals and they really do best when they have a friend.

    The best training treats to give rats are things that they can eat a lot of without getting fat. Junk food and store-bought rat treats usually aren't a good idea. Try little pieces of shredded cheese or chopped up fruit pieces. Raisins and cooked chicken are good too.

    Human food is usually okay with rats, but just remember that anything that is bad for you, like junk food, is going to be bad for them too. They also shouldn't have anything really sugary, really spicey, or with lots of salt.

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    here are some other sites you can look at (if you haven't stumbled across them)

    they both have 'human' foods on them that rats like, and dislike. Rice krispies are a favorite for 'training' though, because theyre small and can be eaten immediately. alot of times if you give a rat a treat, it hides it and asks for more, not so much with the rice krispies (plus, they're not sugary or fatty so you can feed a bunch for trust building)

    Also, on the ratfanclub, read the page about single rats, i'd recommend getting 2. They're alot more social and better pets when kept in pairs.

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    Yes, Rats love treats. Supplementing the staple diet with healthy foods will be enjoyable and healthy for them. When feeding your rat give only what can be consumed in a 24 hour period, in that way you can be sure of maintaining freshness and be aware of how much your rat eats.

    The healthiest treats are the fruit and vegetables.

    A few examples of treats that rats may enjoy in moderation are: plain popped popcorn, chicken or beef bones (cooked or boiled), chew biscuits, Nutra*Puffs, , and Nylabones for chewing.

    I think the best basic diet for rats and mice is laboratory pellets (lab blocks). Rats also enjoy an occasional treat of wheat bread, fruit, vegetables, pasta or any other people food that is not “junk food.” Be sparing with oily seeds, nuts, and grain mixes.

    Here is a really cute site and very good.

    Don't forget the environment enrichment!

    Make lots of toys for it. Cardboard boxes and rolls from paper towels, toilet paper, and other rolls make good toys.

    Wow, your first Rat. You will love it. Keep reading and take good care of it and you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts. Good Luck and welcome to the rat world.

    Easy homemade treat recipes:

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  • My pet rat Vivian loved cereal. Just one Cheerio or a bit of granola works great. Tiny little pieces of cat food are good too.

    Rats are smart. Vivian was a fantastic escape artist, so be prepared. She was also very sweet and affectionate. Have fun.

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    please dont buy A pet rat, but A Pair of pet rats.

    human food works fine. you should buy these pre made blocks that have all the nutrients for the main food however. if you give them normal human food they will only eat the parts they like and discard the rest. they dont have a choce on the the blocks.

    for treats you can give them a pice of cereal or some peanut butter or flavored yogurt.

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    well rats arent really like a lot of animals. Feeding them human food is actually really good for them. They eat mainly seed, non fat yogurt, cooked rice, vegis and fruits(carrots avacados, apples lettuce, celery) and they love oatmeal and raisens. You should also give them 2 bowls, one with seed and one for the other human foods. They will eat anything but make sure that it is healthy for them to eat! For treats, they really like these hamster treats called yogurt drops and those are really good for them and they love them! Also, with male rat(which i suggest you get because they are so much more chill) for a reward you can scratch them behind their ears or on their back or bellies and they love it! I suggest getting the biggest cage possible(like a bird cage) and really make a lot of hiding spots and make it fun with food and so on. Be sure to hold them everyday. With males, it will be so much easier to do this because they are very calm and girls are always freaking out. I have both and I hold sushi my male way more which doesnt seem nice but nakkai, my female, lieks to be left alone! Just be sure to keep them healthy, safe, and active!

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    Rats are cool.

    They like carrots, celery, spinach, etc.

    They can be really friendly, but have a wicked bite.

    Clean its cage evry couple of days and treat it nice and it will be happy.

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