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Why do women read and write yaoi so much?

Just wondering.

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    I find yaoi to be very interesting and exciting which is why I enjoy reading it. There could be several reasons why women would like to read this comic book genre. I'll mention a few of them.

    1) The guys look so fragile and even though many women would be attracted to tough guys they would also find sensitivity attractive in a man.

    2) It may sound weird but these books reflect the sexual desires of some women.

    3) In a way the male characters are all very gentle and the seme (the more masculine guy) handles the uke (the feminine guy that most fangirls yearn to be) with much care. However, the seme is also usually very strong, dominant, and aggressive compared to the uke which is actually quite appealing if this quality is combined with a tender nature. At some scenes it may appear like he is taking advantage of the sweet girly boy but is he really? Nearly everything that he does when he advances at him is actually to please this guy.

    4) Even if it's lacking a storyline, yaoi would still be fascinating because the seme (masculine guy) is designed to have a personality that is attractive to women. Often he is the playful tease with a seductive demeanor.

    5) As for the uke (feminine guy with a delicate beauty) well who wouldn't love such an innocent little angel? He has purity written all over him. Usually this is the character who has the most beautiful feminine features with a gentle and sweet appearance. The way he is drawn makes him even more fragile and pretty than most if not all of the female characters. Many women would prefer for their men to be masculine but at the same time they are needing a guy who also has a gentle side to him.

    Why do I say this? Of course I'm a proud yaoi fan so I am gathering the belief from experience.

    Surely there are people who would disagree with me which is fine because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Take Care!

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    I have wondered the same thing myself.

    Maybe it because it is clearly sexual, and tender, yet is a purely spectator experience? You can appreciate the realtionships and encounters, but there is a safe distance there as well- the act of love and the state of being in love becomes so abstract!

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    Val V hit the nail on the head!

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    Same reason so many of us men like to watch lesbians in porn.

    For those of you who don't know, Yaoi is basically Japanese gay romance, the opposite is Yuri, lesbian romance. Very popular in Japan.

    I personally find it amusing, because the guys never actually look like men.

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    I have never read or written "yaoi," until now and can find no dictionary meaning, and I also speak French, Spanish and Italian, and I don't recognize the word.

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    Some of my fangirl friends love it for reasons I can't grasp. Apparently depicting two effeminate anime guys giving it to each other is a real turn-on.

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    if u really look at the book they mostly read sexual books.

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    what is yaoi

    but we read and write because we are uneducated neanderthals

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    Because we have brains and literacy

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