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What's the difference between a violin, viola, and cello?

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  • D J
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    Size, it does matter.

    The violin is the smallest listed, then the viola, which is also the name of a flower. The cello is the largest listed and has to be player standing between your knees. As the instrument gets larger the tone of the sound gets deeper.

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    Violin Viola And Cello

  • slone
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    3 years ago

    grownup length viola's run 15" - 17" in physique length, while an entire length violin is 14" in physique length. The violin is tuned E,A,D,G and the viola is tuned A,D,G, and C with the A for the two gadgets being the A above center C on the piano or normally tuned to 440 Htz. There are thickness ameliorations for the wood, in spite of the undeniable fact that that's extremely small, in spite of the undeniable fact that the ribs or components of the device are very just about 10mm bigger on the viola. The bow that's used for viola is heavier than that for the viola, 70 grams vs 60 grams. it quite is mandatory to get the thicker strings vibrating greater. The viola performs normally in Alto clef while the violin performs in treble clef. the common orchestra has approximately 14-18 viola gamers and 30-40 violin gamers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    violins, violas and cellos are all wooden musical instruments with four strings and an unfretted fingerboard,

    the violin and the viola are held under the player's chin and played with a bow.

    The violin has the highest range in the family of stringed instruments to which it gives its name. (strings are GDAE)

    The viola a stringed instrument slightly larger and (a perfect 5th) lower in pitch than a violin (strings are CGDA)

    the cello, on the other hand is a large stringed instrument of the violin family that is held upright between a seated player's knees and played with a bow. The cello has a full deep sound (strings are also CGDA but an octave lower)

    Source(s): been in 5 string ensembles and 3 orchestras- played in at 20 concerts around the world :)
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    And while you are at it, do not forget the Contrabass, which is the largest of the string family.

    As well, all four tune their strings differently. The violin and contrabass tune E lowest, next A, then D, then G on top.

    The viola and violoncello tune C, G, D. A.

    Violin reads treble clef, viola alto clef (sometimes tenor), and both cello and bass read bass clef, although violoncello players can generally read all the clefs for versatility.

    Technically, the cello is referred to as a violoncello.

    Source(s): 36 years orchestral experience
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    A violin is the smallest and plays in treble clef. The viola is a bit bigger and plays in the alto clef. The cello is biggest and plays in the bass clef.

  • nikky
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    1 decade ago

    A violin is a regular violin, you know what it is, a viola is just slightly bigger than a violin and it has a deeper sound. Cello is bigger than both, you keep it on the floor between your knees, and it has the deepest sound, and nicest in my opinion..

  • 1 decade ago

    Violin + Cello = Trebble cleff.

    Viola = Alto cleff.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ..and the fourth member of the string choice is the bass; they're all wooden, acoustic instruments, and each one, from violin to bass, gets larger and lower in pitch.

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