utopian communities?

why did pre civil war utopian communities fail?

examples-Robert owen's New Harmony

Brook farm

John Noyes' Oneida

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    A utopian society can never exist for long because there are so many people and each person is of a different mind. If there was such a thing as a utopian society it could never move forward and progress, and that is the very thing that is needed for a society to function. Imagine that everyone has the same opinion. Yes, no one would argue, but then there can be no other way around and thus, no progress. the only real way a utopian society could exist is if newborn babies where born into the society and raised with their rules and never seeing outside influence. there is a book you can read to help you with it, it's a kid's book (about third or fourth grade) about a girl who is raised in a colonial town, only to escape and realize that the town she grew up in wasn't all the world, but rather it was the year 1998. Like I said, they fed newborn children lies to make utopian society, but then how can it be utopian if they are brainwashing children? Exactly. Its an impossible paradox humans attempt to create.

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    I have to wonder whether the person who said "Communist Manifesto" has actually read the book. It does not quite suggest a utopian community. There were all sorts of religious communes and utopian communities (most form with a religious base) at one time in the US. They failed because the depend on absolute cooperation amongst the people and that simply does not happen. Some of the really religious communes, like Oneida in New York failed because of the excesses of the man who ran the place. The Mormons, in fact, evolved at the time of the religious communes and that is probably one of the most successful of them. You have to include in your list a few more than the ones you have listed because all of the Amish, Mennonite, Hutterite, and Hussite communites fall within that bracked. There are a few books on this subject and I have read a few of them. I think you will find this one helpful: The Palgrave Companion to North American Utopias by Virginia Lyons Friesen; John W. Friesen It is short, pretty descriptive, but shows some considerable bias in some places, particularly against the Mormons.

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    Though it was a good idea, utopian communities didnt really work becuase they did not follow the laws and principals they made up themselves

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    VERY SIMPLE!!..... good and bad most exsist together..for example...imagine nothing ever bad happened!....then think how would u know whats good! Utopia doesnt exsist mate

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    because it is impossible to create the perfect utopia because of human nature to rebel

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