Whats the best bargain when it comes to taste and price of liquor?

Looking for a new liquor to indulge in that isn't too pricey. Thanks for the help

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    1 decade ago
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    There are many affordable gems on the lower shelves at the liquor store.

    For bourbon - the whole beauty is that it's cheap. I'm getting cranky with these newer brands, which all taste good, but cost $30 and over. Bourbon is nothing more than good corn whisky with a flavor dominated by the charred oak cask. State by state prices certainly differ, but great brands include Elisa Craig - aged 8 years and half the price of Knob Creek. Evan Williams Single barrel is excellent too. Heck, they are all good so long as there is a cork, Marker's Mark exception noted.

    For Scotch it's going to get more expensive but bargains can be found at any level. I would explore Balvanie Doublewood 12 year. Considering that Johnny Walker Black isn't too far behind, it's a purchase you won't regret.

    For Tequila, try Jose Cuervo Reposado. I know there's nothing sexy about Jose Cuervo but the Reposado is 100% blue agave and aged.It's half the price of the premium brands and dare i say it..it's lovely. It's good enough that you won't want to waste it on a bad margarita mix.

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    Kesslers Whiskey

    $12 for a 1.75 L bottle

    Mix with sour soda or Coke

    Smooth as silk

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    1 decade ago

    get cheap vodka and run it through a water filter about 4-5 times, tastes cleaner, more like goose.

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    2 buck chuck is a fifth of wine that costs around $2.00

    If you have to ask the price of a drink then chances are you can't afford it

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    seems to me the more you drink

    the taste becomes less of a factor.

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    appleton's dark jamaican rum. its $23 cdn for a 26oz.

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