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Can someone summarize for me the main differences between Hillary and Obama's Health Care Plan?



And if they are similar, why do you think they might fail or prosper?

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    obama would guarantee access and affordablity, whereas hillary would try to force everyone to buy healthcare.

  • gldjns
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    Hillary's plan is to provide universal health care for everyone, but it will be mandated, and some are against it because they are opposed to it in the first place, and secondly, they don't want to pay for it, or have their paychecks garnished, although there's very little difference in that, and having your employer deduct health insurance premiums from your paycheck, as it is now.

    Obama's plan is to lower insurance premiums so everyone who wishes can afford health care, and his emphasis is on providing health care for children. People seem to prefer his plan because there is less government interference or involvement.

    Ending the war, as both candidates have pledged, will provide the funds to finance both these plans. Thus, the money being spent over there will remain at home where it belongs, to aid the health and educational reforms that are badly needed.

  • 4 years ago

    Nothing. They are both unconstitutional. Health care should be handled at the state level, preferably by donors who wish to give to the poor. The rest can save for themselves. *We have something called a Constitution. It defines what the government has the power to do, which is basically defend the rights of Americans, maintain a world class military, ensure trade, and maintain roads. And with the wasteful nature of government, be thankful we have such a document. We are allready wasting too much on "medicare" which cost $372 Billion last year!

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    Hillary's plan covers EVERYBODY and forces costs down. it makes it mandatory to have insurance and provides help for those who can't afford it. They will probably take it out of your paychecks like L&I or something.

    Obama has a vague, limited plan that's not very well thought out and starts off saying that not everyone will be covered.

    That pretty much says it all for me! Go Hillary!

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    Hillary wants Universal health care and if she becomes president she will FORCE everyone to have it. Obama's plan is that he will make health care available for everyone, but the people have a choice of whether or not to have it.

    go obama!

    i think obama's will work and hillary's won't because you can't force people to do anything.

  • CharK
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    Hillary's plan covers every american. You can keep your present insurance if you like or you get the plan that members of congress have. There will also be goverment help for those that can't afford it.

    Obama's plan leaves out 15 million people. I hope your not one of them.

  • IMHO
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    If you will remember, Hillary's health care plan has already failed miserably. Who wants more of the same?? She has gone so far as to say she will garnish wages to extract the money if they do not choose to get it to begin with...WTF kind of solution is that? It will cause the people to become angry, quit their jobs, and then who pays????It is already happening like that in Mass.

    Obama's plan says that quality health insurance be made affordable for ALL people. This beats stealing money out of your check to offer low quality health insurance. I would not be surprised if Clinton has already made some sort of slimy deals with the health insurance company.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They both drive down prices, but Hillary's plan is mandatory. This means even low-income families will have new health insurance bills to contend with every month. How is that fair?

    Obama's is optional. Much better.

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    Yeah the reason Obamas doesn't include all Americans is because he thinks it should be affordable but a option unlike Hillary thinks it should be mandatory and if you don't then she wants to garnish your wages for not getting it. I believe no one should tell you how to live or where to spend your money Health care is to damn expansive I can not make it if it Mandatory.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hillary did mention she would garnish your wages if you don't pay into her plan, I don't see fellow socialist Obama has proposing that yet, but he has time.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hilary believes people choose not to buy healthcare, so she wants to lower costs for everyone by forcing people to get it.

    Obama believes most who don't have it can't afford it, thus by reducing health care costs most will get health care.

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