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How do I redeem the mileages of United Mileage Plus for an Air Canada ticket?

I have an amount of mileages in my United Mileage Plus. Now I want to redeem the mileages from this card for an Air Canada flight ticket. Where should I go to redeem these mileages? Is there a website to do so? I have tried to check out but they do not have the option for redeeming United Mileage Plus. Please help. Thanks a lot.

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    Yes, you can!

    Go to:

    Click on:

    BOOK with MILES

    and Log-in

    Then you can search and will give you all the options, with all the staralliance partners.

    If you happen to call the reservation center, they will charge you a fee. Use this alternative if your itinerary is not straight forward!,8566,1141,00....

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    While Air Canada is indeed a Mileage Partner with United, all that means is if you fly on Air Canada you get miles on United.

    They do not have a reciprocal agreement for travel awards.

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    45,000 miles will not get you to Africa for free and United Airlines does not fly to Kenya. You would have to fly one of their partner airlines. Typically it is around 50,000 miles just to get to Europe and with Africa being further away, it would require even more miles. I suggest you find ways to drum up some support financially or work a job to earn some extra money. Flying to Africa is not cheap. My friend went there for a volunteer trip as well and he asked friends for financial support.

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    Mileage Plus Air Canada

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