The best double stroller (travel system)?

I'm purchasing some items for my twins ( due in july), and I want to find a double stroller/travel system. I've purchased the Graco Pack N' Play twins bassinet (the COOLEST!!), but I'm having a heck of a time finding anything else I like for the the twins. I only know that one of them is a boy.. the other didn't feel the urge to share. Ad, they are fraternal (separate sacs), so I'm keeping colors neutral. HELP?!?


Tracy, I am doing slings, but I will still need car seats for the twins, as the local sheriff might frown on me wearing slings as I drive. ;)

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    Peg Perego makes a great one--the Duette. It has an actual steering wheel feature (double strollers that are front and back are really awkward as your kids get older and heavier. It will be nearly impossible to push when they're about 2. The steering wheel like feature is amazing and lets you push them very easily, plus it is adaptable for all car seats, although I'd recommend going with the Peg Perego, as it's side impact protection safety feature is one of the only companies to use it in infant seats.

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    Baby Trend Double Snap N Go Stroller- Black

    We love this because our twins (nov 07) travel in the car seat and they just snap in. It travels easy and costs $99.

    We bought a Bobs stroller, double iron-man and use it for local walks and runs. $500. we line it with snuzzlers and it is awesome.

    My wife did an Iron-man a couple of years ago so a good running stroller was a must.

    Buying a new car is easier than choosing a stroller. Good Luck

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    I always had a front and back double stroller. The side by side ones are wide and difficult to get through store isles.

    I also liked it because i could totally recline the front seat and it was perfect for one to sleep or 2 to sit together and play or eat.

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    make investments in motor vehicle seats that develop with the children -from beginning to 80 pounds. visit the community ambulance service or fireplace branch to analyze your record of low-cost seats to those that are most secure. they could help you with installation, too. purchase any stroller that matches your needs & funds perfect.

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    A sling! Much easier to move around, takes up little space, costs less, you can nurse, more comforting for baby. And yes, you can carry two infants in one sling, or use two slings. Check out the forums/articles at

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    I would go with graco all the way it's cheap and durable. and the colors are always neutral. you can buy it in blue or tan.

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