Why do particular fringe groups hold the Confederate Flag in high regard?

For those who defend the Confederate flag answer this:

Why does the KKK adore this flag so much above all others?

Obviously it means alot to this group because it has always been a prominent symbol of their organization. People claim it isn't a racist symbol, yet there is 'something' about it that racist groups cling to.

What does it mean to them?

For those who don't think blacks should have a problem with it, you have to remember: this is a symbol of the Old South for us.

The 'Old South' for us is a dark part of black history in the U.S.


I think I'll be more specific:

Groups will often tend to create their own 'flags' as part of their symbols.

The question is - Why does the the KKK and Christian Identity groups see the Confederate Flag as an appropriate symbol of what they believe? They don't choose to create their own.

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    1 decade ago
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    Let me start by saying that SOME ( very few) southern people cling to this flag for the same reason 3rd generation Irish, Mexican, or Canadian immigrants display flags of their motherlands.

    And also that the original intent of the KKK was community service, it was hijacked and used by a racist sect. It will never -now or later- recover from that coup- so for all of our purposes here it is, and always will be an angry group of people who wish to commit genocide against colored people ( I use the term 'colored' here because they do not differentiate between African, Indian, Cuban, Samoan, or Haitian)

    I start with this because I think it is necessary to understand that a very small group of people took things that did not represent hate, violence, or danger - and used them to represent something altogether different.

    As an example a red bandanna used to make the average person think 'cowboy', now it represents the hate, violence,and danger of a street gang.

    I also feel that I must point out that at the time of the civil war the decision to declare the freedom of slaves was not intended to give slaves a fair share of the American dream. It was simply a political maneuver by the Union to weaken the Confederacy. The actual induction of the freedman into society was won not by governmental representation, it was won by societal pressure. After the emancipation proclamation, the federal government intended to send the freedmen back to Africa (specifically Liberia).

    The American People on both sides of the civil war provided the base for the African- American freedoms seen today.

    Hate groups of modern society (considered by todays government to be terrorists) could not possibly identify with the 'our own country' feeling that the flag represented to the actual Confederacy.

    Southern slave owners had no intention of genocide, they needed the slaves to work their plantations and keep their livlihood.

    Was it wrong - YES!

    Was it unacceptable- YES!

    But it was not a govenment intent on the eradication of an entire race (or in the case of white power movements - every race).

    It was government based on rebeling from the Union, and while the ownership of slaves was more prevalant in the Confedarecy because of the nature of their industry, it was by far not the only point of contention.

    Hate Groups cling to this flag because of your exact statement

    "The 'Old South' for us is a very dark part of black history in the U.S."

    They take that flag - not because of what it represents to them- but because of what it represents to you.

    Slaves were not a part of society as it stood in the confederacy, and as such the flag only represents one thing to the enslaved people.

    Hate Groups love it simply because it is offensive.

    If Barrack Obama said tomorrow that green coffee cups were a symbol of slavery and hatred against black people- you can bet your behind that hate groups would rush out and order up as many green coffee cups as they could get their hands on.

    This type of behavior is what makes them terroristic.

    If you take away the offense and the fear, their flag means nothing at all.

    Easier said than done.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Was it about slavery? Yes and no. The other answerers were correct in stating that the Civil War was about States Rights, HOWEVER, it was indirectly about slavery too, as the overburdening question was, did states have the RIGHT to allow slavery or did the federal government have jurisdiction over what states could or could not do. All of my ancestors that were alive at that time fought for the Confederate State of Mississippi. The war basically demonstrated that the constitution was too weak, if states were able to leave the union at there will, it would very difficult to maintain the United States of America. Also in regards to Northern Manufacturing, people have apparently FORGOTTEN, that GREAT BRITAIN, was a major consumer of southern cotton, and even considered military intervention on the side of the south, so that they might receive more of that cotton. Also at that time, the French had moved large elements of the foreign legion into Mexico, and set up a government under an Austrian regent. Had the south "won" it would have left both the Union and Confederate states severely crippled, and, in the case of the south, open to invasion from French forces in Mexico. My great uncle flew the confederate flag above the American flag until his death. Flying that flag is more about showing Southern Pride. Some groups take that to mean being proud of being southern, others mean it to be tough, and still others use it as racist. Edit: The reason the Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves only in southern states, was because there were very few slaves in the North, and it was a display of the federal governments power.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not from the South, But I have spent some time there and I've done a good deal of reading on the Civil War. My understanding is that the 'Stars and Bars' is a symbol of the secetionist movement that let up to the Civil War and of Southern heritage in general. It should be noted that from the Southern point of view, slavery was not the primary issue of the war. The war was fought over the balance of power between the central federal government and individual state governments. Many in the South, pro or con, considered slavery a state by state issue, and strongly resented the Federal govenrment, which was seen as a concentration of power centered in the industrial North, telling them what to do.

    So the flag really represents the spirit of Southern independence, and the general history of the South, of which slavery was certainly a part, but by no means the central theme. I find it troubling that people cant talk about the South without conjuring up images of racism and oppression, as if thats all that ever went on there. Many black soldiers (slaves and freedmen, alike) fought for their states under the Confederate flag. Robert E. Lee never had slaves, and was opposed to slavery. Ulysses E. Grant did own slaves. The fact that some hate groups in the South have adopted this flag as one of their symbols doesn't take away from the rest of this flag's history.

    another interesting footnote, is that the pro slave movement was made up of mostly Democrats, while Lincoln, and most abolitionists were Republicans.

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    1 decade ago

    Good question, I've always wondered the same thing. People tend to get defensive really quickly when the subject comes out, so I feel like I never get any rational information.

    A while back, a guy answered one of my questions with some comment about being proud of the confederate flag. So I sent him an email, and asked him to please explain to me why he still flies it, and why he thinks it doesn't symbolize slavery.

    He basically said that he's not racist, and detailed how he helps his black neighbors and other people in the community. But his house was burned down for flying the confederate flag. He said that for people in the south, the war wasn't about slavery, it was about their right to form their own country. He said that they had every right to secede, and the war was fought to keep them as part of the U.S. All of the stuff about slavery was a minor part of the whole conflict, but the north put out propaganda after they won making it sound like this was the main cause of the war. So he said he flew it in remembrance of the Confederate soldiers, and as a symbol of their right to secede.

    Now, do I believe all this? I don't know. It's a fact that the winner writes the history. But it's also a fact that the south wanted to keep slaves, and race relations there are still very different even today. I just thought you would find what he said interesting. For me, I'm never going to be able to see that flag without thinking of racism or making a judgement call about the person who is displaying it.

    EDIT: Wow, I hope I didn't offend anyone. I always talk to people who I disagree with, or at least listen to what they say, to figure out what makes them feel that way. It doesn't mean I feel the same way or that they're going to convince me. It doesn't even mean I won't be critical of their motivation. But to be opposed to something, I believe you have to truly understand it. Many people who are opposed to evolution don't truly understand it. I was trying to get some insight from that guy, because I truly don't understand how you can fly that flag and think it doesn't symbolize prejudice. I just thought you would be interested in hearing his reasoning. Like I said, I still see prejudice when I see that flag, no matter what anyone says, and you have an excellent point about the KKK holding it in high regard. Sorry if I was misunderstood.

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  • Andy S
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    1 decade ago

    The way it's been explained to me is that the confederate flag is a symbol of Southern pride and independence. They seceded from the rest of the nation and had their own currency for a time. It's really not all about slavery and the KKK- you may try to make it so, but it's not.

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  • 1 decade ago

    to most that honor the confederate flags it personal love of their family That fought and died. Some lost fathers and sons

    at the same time. It just their way of showing and respecting their family..It's not and has never been a racist thing to these families. Right now, in my neighborhood, people fly them on their flag pole proudly.and no one looks at it as racist. I guess it depends on the individual and there beliefs., But if I wanted to fly any flag for something I held dear, I would, but only on my own property. then it would be my business and no one Else's.But I would never dishonor the American flag like some do. and burn them.This tells you a lot about people.Actions speak louder than words.So, every one to his own beliefs. these are just mine. and you can make anything racist if you want too. I choice not to do that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It was a battle flag, and the Confederate soldiers flew it to show that they were proud of their heritage and the southern U.S. Obviously the south wanted to secede from the union, and they flew it to show the north that they could f*ck off. It's no different from people in the U.S. flying our stars and stripes flag...it was/is done out of pride.

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  • 1 decade ago

    because its still a part of there family history

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  • BQ
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    1 decade ago

    Ignorance can be the only answer.

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