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Why carnt most Americans read or right properly?

As an Englishman and owner of many major US based companies I feel I must ask this,

I recently read a survey which states 86% of Americans carnt read or right proper like what we does in England.The survey also stated that 79% of Americans dont bother going to skool because they are too tired and prefer going for a big mac.

Is this true?

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    Corse it aren't true. We talk as gud as anybudy from england. And we spel proper and purdy good syntax we got to.

    But yure rite bout us carn't reed two gud. That's why we's watching television and like that. Dont have to reed. Just look at pixtures.

    I hope that clears things up for you. ;-)

    However, two things disturb me. (1) that you're absolutely correct, and (2) so many people took offense at a jibe.

    Example, can't is not an "abbreviation," it's a contraction.

    Kids don't learn anymore. In the US, the thrust is not education, but to fill in the little boxes on some standardized test so the school can get Federal funding.

    And the parents don't care. The "rug rat's" out of their hair for a few hours each day. If the moron fails a class, they blame the teacher -- notwithstanding 90% of the class passed.

    While in jest, the question does bring to the fore some serious considerations.


    I just realized something frightening. I understood what you posted.

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    Your statement about owning many major US based companies is getting very old. If you are the owner of so many companies and are worried about the literacy in the US, why don't you set up reading and writing programs to help your people out. It would benefit your companies in the long run. You must not care about your businesses if you are allowing illiterate people to send out letters, etc. on behalf of your company.

    HOWEVER, first I would take the course yourself. You cannot spell worth a darn, and your grammar is below average. The word is write not right, can't instead of carnt, don't instead of dont, school instead of skool, big mac should be Big Mac and "like we does in England" should be "as we do in England". There were a few more corrections also. So before you criticize others, take a good look at yourself.

    From what I've been seeing in the news lately, England has it's share of people who don't seem to give a darn about much. How many real British are there in England now? All I ever see are East Indians and others.

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    Sid, sid, sid. When will you learn. I have stopped taking offence since I saw that you "OWN AMERICANS" quite a laugh. Look who's talking, the man who thinks carnt is the same as can't, right is the same as write, dont is the same as don't, and proper is the same as properly. Okay I've had my fun I'm ready to answer, no Sid your survey is completly and totally, without a doubt in the world, wrong. In fact it is probable that you made up this so called "survey" all by your lonesome.

    The people who think your just being funny aubviously havn't seen your other questions, so I'll post a couple links.

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    First of all your spelling is not correct. Second, I agree with you. Many Americans are not interested in learning knowledge. They are practical, they get a job and start working when they are very young. They are immersed by the big mac, big corporations. I believe that the higher educaction the better opportunities you will have; but here in America, sometimes no matter if you have or not education. As long you have experience thats enough. Most of the Americans have no higher education and most dont speak a foreign language. (sorry for my mistakes, but English is not my native language)

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    Ahhhhh Yes Carnt Innovative Actually!

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    Depends on certain areas. If this survey is on the ghetto areas of a major city then I'm not suprised. If the survey was taken in beverly hills then I would question it.

    Seems that some people don't get the joke in your question ie the deliberate use of poor spelling.

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    As an American,and I dont own squat but my home and cars*L* I feel I must ask this,

    Why do people from other countries feel they have to slam the Americans?

    #1 You are not me... walk a mile in my shoes

    #2Where do you get your info?

    #3Why does Yahoo Q and A allow stupid sh*t on here?

    Conclusion..... You are just a young kid and or a shi* stirrer


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    I don't know about you Sid - you are an enigma.

    One moment you "own" people and the next you are complaining about how unwashed and poorly educated they are...

    Doesn't make you a very good business man does it - choosing to have businesses in a country you clearly deplore.

    BUT then we all really know the truth that you are a spotty faced git who lives in his Mum's basement and exists on pot noodles.

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    Ah sidders

    now it's all down to their genes of course(they call them jeans)too damn tight and hot , that's the trouble, addles the brain, gets 'em all confused don't'cher know

    sorry I've not been as good a correspondent as i should just recently, damn farmers are playing me up, had a look in the mirror at em, like the Japanese flag if yer know what i mean

    Dr waller , said they were caused by too much alcohol, damn buffoon, knows nowt, you know me old chap , rarely touch a drop.

    ah well, need something to ease the itching, small brandy might help

    chin-chin old boy

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    Sid I think we need to bring you back to the UK

    you've been around your Americans too long

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