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Why is it okay to some people that a lion eats a gazelle, but they have a problem with me?

hunting deer for meat? The meat that I don't use either is given away to friends and family or I have donated it to homeless shelters as well. What's the problem?


Hey Jenny, when's the last time you saw deer meat at the supermarket?

Update 2:

Wow Jenny, after reading your added on comments all I can say is you seem pretty close-minded and not very bright.

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  • Mab
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    1 decade ago
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    No problem with it. It's more ethical than farmed meat. Happy natural life, BANG!, dinner on the plate. No steroids or antibiotics, no cramped conditions. That's how nature works (minus the gun, obviously). I don't pretend to be anything other than an educated animal and part of the natural cycle, so I'm happy to eat hunted meat.

    I've eaten antelope in Kenya, horse in France, venison in England. All yummy.

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    Question is : "Why is it okay to some people that a lion eats a gazelle, but they have a problem with me?"

    A lion eats not only gazelle, but humans too. Note that an elephant, the biggest among surviving animal species, does not eat any animal food, and is strictly vegetarian. But, animals don't have the kind of thinking or "consciousness" that humans have, to decide what is right and wrong. Note also that humans ate other humans in the early stages of their biological evolution. Cannibalism was considered wrong and banned because it was against the interests of human society [even though you still read today occasional reports of how some individuals killed fellow-humans and ate their body parts over a period of time]. In the next stage of human evolution, humans ( at least some of them) decided that killing animals would upset the ecosphere, and gave religious/moral/ethical and philosophical justifications to avoid eating meat. So, go ahead and eat meat if you want to,

  • YSIC
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    1 decade ago

    Lions kill gazelles for SURVIVAL. They need to eat, just like all living things and that is what they instinctively hunt.

    The lions also go about it in a natural way - they are not toting guns and bows around the African plain, looking to take down their prey in that manner.

    Those are the two huge differences between humans and animals - we do not need to kill animals for our survival nor are we equipped to do it without the assistance of weaponry.

    It's okay that a lion eats meat because that's a part of nature. He has the speed, agility, fangs, claws and power to chase down an animal at 40+ mph. He also has the proper digestive tract to break down the raw flesh without getting sick. Last time I checked, man doesn't have any of the aforementioned qualities.

  • 3 years ago

    because of the fact the gazelle is roaming unfastened while it incredibly is killed certainly. it incredibly is not raised in a farm with 20,000 different gazelles interior an inch of the different in a cage it incredibly is in a production unit it incredibly is a hundred and five stages warm and not precise hydrated. and then the gazelle isn't forced to stand next to a lifeless gazelle an inch from him because of the fact it died of starvation, dehydration, warmth exhaustion or a ailment caught from yet another gazelle.

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  • Luna
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    1 decade ago

    jenny seems to me to be implying that there is more than enough meat in general available and a good portion of it goes to waste. so there is no reason to kill more than is already being killed. i'm assuming you asked because you wanted to really know what people thought right?

  • lo_mcg
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    1 decade ago

    I think hunting for meat and using all of the animal is more ethical than buying your meat at a supermarket.

    I'm only responsible for my choices and moral decisions, nobody else's. I'm vegan, and I made that choice in order to minimise my contribution to animal suffering and exploitation. Other people, you included, have made different decisions and choices..

    For me, the difference is that I have a choice; the lion doesn't. Just as I don't NEED to kill animals to wear their skins as clothing, and I don't need to live in a cave, so I don't need to use animals as food.

    That's a choice I made for me; your choice is different and I don't have a problem with that.

  • 1 decade ago

    There really is not a problem. Best tool of human beings' advancement is the emotion of inferiority and superiority both. And people are compelled to tell you on their opposition to not only show you, but to themselves that they are better.

    The problems people have you hunting for deer meat are not a single reason. Some might have religious oppositions whilst some might be against it purely for "animal rights". If they are against your hunting and consumption of deer meat because of religion (which i highly doubt), they would probably not really have a problem with you specifically, but consuming it themselves.

    But if it is due to reasons of "animal rights" or "animal loving" their motives are due to the emotions of interior/superiority, unless you have hunted their pet deer and ate it.

    Any modern movements supported by trends will have numerous followers who define themselves by their "importance" and "knowledge" of what society should be. Everyone thinks they are right, no one thinks that they are doing the wrong thing. And this is perfectly natural.

    However, self-righteousness driven by a trend is a serious problem. This creates an almost fanatical preachers who are almost always extreme, in seeing things very black and white. As long as people do not give you problems, their opposition is respectable as it is their opinion.

    Vegans, Vegetarians, Animal lovers, pet owners all have their opinions. But they should not use you, as a tool to feel better about themselves.

    p.s. I've never eaten a deer... but now I really want to try.

  • 1 decade ago

    I applaud you for helping out the homeless and giving away what you don't eat. We are all part of a food chain, and like the lion and gazelle, we happen to be higher up and can hunt. How did our ancestors survive without stores? They hunted!

  • 1 decade ago

    There is no problem. If you eat all its gifts, there is absol.utely no problem. Its just like those people critisizing you who are eating hamburgers, steak, chicken, bacon, or turkey. They're eating animals as well, but you just work harder to get it.

    And besides, you have to kill animals for meat. Cows and chickens and pigs must be killed so that we can eat, just like the lion and the gazelle. So going to the supermarket would not help at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    I admire you, but I hope in the native american tradition, you use the WHOLE animal and don't waste any (or very little).

    I choose to not eat meat for personal convictions, if you can respect me, I can respect you.

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